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Script has been allowing school districts nationwide to automate their district processes. Doing so allows districts to decrease the time spent on paperwork, increase efficiency, and create a line of sight into each and every step of your process. If you’re still not completely sure what school process automation is, check out our blog What is School Process Automation? If you understand the concept of process automation but are feeling uncertain of which processes your district could benefit from automating, hopefully this blog can offer some guidance.

Students and Parents

Your school district probably has a number of forms to be filled out by students and their parents. It can often take time for students to take home a form, have their parents fill it out, and then return it back to the proper receiving party (that is if the form doesn’t get lost along the way). Script has helped districts automate many student processes such as:

  • activity/field trip signup
  • new student registration
  • transfer requests
  • student injury reporting

By automating these processes paperwork no longer needs to change hands between teachers, students, parents, and administrators. Instead, the forms can be made available to students and parents in a digital format that they can fill out at any time wherever they are, and upon completion, each form will be routed to the next appropriate party.

Human Resources

Your district’s human resources department most likely deals with more forms and processes than any other department. With potentially hundreds or even thousands of forms circulating throughout your district’s human resources department, all attached to different employees and processes, it can be almost impossible to keep track of each form and its progression throughout a particular process. To combat this daunting task, Script has helped human resources departments to automate processes such as:

  • new employee applications
  • new employee onboarding
  • employee leave requests
  • retirement forms
  • professional development reporting
  • substitute teacher placement
  • employee injury reporting
  • change of information forms

Automating these processes allows human resources departments to become much more efficient and has cut down the number of resubmissions due to incomplete or incorrect information drastically, all while giving everyone involved a clear line of sight into each stage of the process.

Business and Finance

  Efficient business and finance departments are extremely important to any successful school district. Many districts may be able to tolerate not knowing where some of their forms may be, but every school district must have a clear line of sight into their finances at all times. Some processes Script has helped business and finance departments to automate are:

  • employee reimbursement
  • employee mileage reporting
  • vendor payments
  • overtime requests
  • activity/field trip payments

With Script, school districts can collect payments from inside or outside of the organization (parents, teachers, students, vendors) right into the district’s bank account. In addition, Script allows these departments to generate custom financial reports that compare how much money the district is owed against the amount of money collected.

District Wide

In addition to all of the district departments discussed above, there are many more forms and processes your district uses every day in a variety of different areas. Some of these processes may include:

  • maintenance request
  • facility rental request
  • field trip requests
  • change of classroom request

We could go on listing the different forms and processes that Script can allow your district to automate, but there really is no limit. Every district is different with its own unique forms and procedures. That is why Script’s platform is fully customizable to allow you to digitize your preexisting PDF forms and create a process that works exactly how you would like.  


Want to learn more about how Script can automate all of your school district’s processes? Visit to book a demo today and see how we can help!