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Avoid Losing Money at Schools with Financial Safety!

School Software to Save Money

Imagine the ability to see where all receivables and financials that are coming for a school in real time. Why? An article recently went viral last month and even reached sources such as USA Today. The title of the article, Teacher Steals Homecoming Money, and Spends it at Casino. The teacher was from a public high school in Macomb, Michigan who played a lead role in organizing homecoming. Some of the top comments from the article were previous students relating to their past principals pocketing money or saying how this teacher from Michigan gives all teachers a bad rep.

As horrible it is to imagine, we also face the reality and know that there are unprofessional teachers and administrators out there. We want to make sure that the teachers who pull stunts like this, can never be given the opportunity to happen again and catch it before homecoming is blown on penny slots. 

Schools are leaning more digital every year, but we still see a large gap in financial transparency and safety, especially in public schools. Schools are relying on teachers to account for cash, checks, PayPal withdrawals and then being required by other teachers to double check their accounting. We are starting to see the schools we meet with that their teachers are spending hours a week basically being bookkeepers, when really they went to school to be teachers. That’s where we believe a solution such as Script can come in and bring administrators real-time transparency and pure financial safety by eliminating cash, checks, and collections from the hands of both teachers and students.

The technology that we built out is designed to show detailed line item reports on deposits that are given to the school every day. We help save time for the teacher by digitizing their reports and all they have to do is send it over for a review! Whoever is doing bookkeeping will just have to plug in the numbers into their QuickBooks!

In the end, we are here to give back time to everyone at school especially the educators. We are here to bring innovation to education and for teachers to teach more, manage less. 

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