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Document Management for School Districts

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K-12 schools are notorious for the paperwork generated to facilitate day-to-day activities and communications, everything from parent-teacher conference schedules, field trip consent forms, district announcements, building schematics and other vital information.  This is where a Script Document Management System pays for itself by embedding consistency, efficiency, and timeliness into the many document processes system of a K-12 school district.

If you think of Business Process Management as Mission Control, one of its key operating functions is its Document Management System (DMS). A DMS is a common component found within an Enterprise Content Management environment such as Script; it automates all K-12 school district paper documents related to its day-to-day activities and tasks such as disbursing, filing, tracking, archiving and more.

What is a Document Management System?

A Document Management System is simply an automated way of organizing, securing, capturing, digitizing, tagging, approving, and completing tasks. Paper documents and images are captured through the use of a document scanner and converted into digital files for quick access to any document or file. The Script DMS easily accommodates the large amounts of paper flowing through a K-12 school.

Document Management Systems use a computer system and software to convert paper documents and images into electronic files that are automatically sorted, stored, managed and accessed electronically.

At its core, a document management system helps K-12 school districts manage the volumes of unstructured information they generate and use on a daily basis, while providing a consistent, user-friendly means to organize, file, access, and maintain all paper documents and drawings.

Rather than filling rooms with dusty filing cabinets, filled with folders overflowing with paper documents and images, some likely misfiled, the Script Document Management System sorts and files documents based upon a software that controls and organizes documents throughout an entire K-12 school district.

Additional benefits of Script’s DMS is it provides metrics on every activity that takes place on a form, and can be configured to:

  • Store various document types, including word processing files, emails, PDFs and spreadsheets, blueprints, etc.
  • Search an entire library of files by individual keyword
  • Restrict access to certain documents
  • Monitor who is viewing documents and when
  • Track edits to documents
  • Retrieve previous versions of edited documents
  • Control and regulate when outdated documents can be deleted
  • Access, edit and share documents via mobile devices.

Where are the Documents Stored?

In tandem when utilizing a document management system is the question of where is the data going to be stored?

While self-hosting stored data is an option, it is customary for organizations with prodigious amounts of data to store their electronic records in the Cloud. Although most document management systems store data in the Cloud, the Script DMS is much more than just Cloud storage.

Script backs up K-12 school district data to the Cloud using an extremely secure 256 bit, end-to-end (E2EE) encryption, the most secure file transfer protocol currently available. K-12 users can rest assured their data is well protected.

Perhaps the most important benefit of the Script Document Management System is school administrators, teachers, and parents will likely never have to hear, “The dog ate my homework.”