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Fun Graduation Ideas to End the School Year With a Bang

The class of 2020 has missed out on many exciting experiences because of the pandemic. Thus, various entertainers and political leaders have sought to make up for this loss by hosting virtual celebrations like the Graduate Together 2020 event which featured Lebron James, the Jonas Brothers and President Barack Obama. What can you do to honor your high school graduates?

Many schools are planning graduation ceremonies for the class of 2020 in the early fall. Although this is a great idea, there are a few fun things that you can do to honor them on or around the date that they would have graduated.

A Drive-Up Graduation Ceremony

In lieu of a virtual graduation ceremony, you can recognize your students in a public ceremony even during the pandemic. If you have a small class, it can be pretty simple. Just hold the ceremony in a parking lot where all of the spectators can look on from their cars. The graduates will wear their cap and gown and line up in their cars in alphabetical order. When it is their turn, they’ll get out of their car and walk across the stage. To avoid close contact, the diploma can be placed on the table in-between graduates. Be sure to have a photographer there to take pictures for the memory. If you have a large class, you can have multiple ceremonies on different days and/or times.  This is both a fun and unique way to honor your graduates.

Virtual Graduation Shower

Your entire community is proud of the 2020 graduates. Let local businesses and leaders shower your graduates with gifts. It is a simple but exciting way to end the school year. Start planning your graduation ceremony by contacting local businesses and asking them to celebrate your most recent high school graduates with free gifts or special coupons. This can be something as simple as a free ice cream cone or a 25% off coupon for bowling. Host the shower on Zoom or Google Hangouts. Invite both the graduates and business owners for a gift (or coupon) reveal. Create a slideshow with photos of the graduates and play a trivia game about the school, administrators and teachers. At the end of the shower, e-mail the virtual gift bags to the graduates along with a card.

Host a Parade for the Graduating Class

Who doesn’t enjoy a parade? Host a parade for your graduates during this pandemic. It is impossible for you to drive by every student’s house, but, the students can drive around and blow their horns to be recognized by the community. They can even dress up in their caps and gowns and decorate their cars. The key will be having the students respect social distancing and/or wear masks to stay safe. The students can meet up at the school with the rule that they will remain in their cars. The school superintendent or principal can lead the parade through downtown and other areas of the city. Plan the route in advance so that the community will show their support.

Make a Class of 2020 Movie

Have the students send in a short video with a message to their fellow classmates. Compile these videos into a movie for everyone to see and enjoy. Once it is completed, host a virtual watch party on Zoom or Google Hangouts.


There are many, many fun ways to honor the class of 2020 and their accomplishments. No matter what you do, the students will never forget what you’ve done to help them celebrate.