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Keeping Staff Motivated While Working from Home

It’s hard to think of a more motivated group of people than educators. Teachers and administrators alike work every day not for money, but to effect positive change into the new generations in the hopes of making the world a better place. Don’t believe us? Take a walk through any school hallway before the first bell and after the final bell and see how many teachers and administrators are working overtime offering extra help to students or spearheading projects they believe will have a positive impact on the school, not because they have to but because they want to!

When education got flipped upside down back in March due to the COVID-19 crisis, many educators, along with the rest of the US population, figured it would be a short setback, a few weeks at most. However, we now find ourselves almost five months into remote learning with no clear indication as to when in-person education will resume and for how long. Given this radical change, it can be easy for some educators from teachers all the way to upper administration to lose some motivation. After all, no one ever perused a career in education to be working alone at their kitchen table.

Maintaining motivation across your staff is one of the number one indicators of a successful school district. It is absolutely possible to achieve the same level of motivation from employees working from home as they had in the classroom, but the rulebook for doing so must change. Follow along for our best tips on how to keep your staff motivated while working from home. 

Set Clear Goals

It can be easy for information to get lost in translation when your team is working and communicating remotely, and a lack of understanding about what is being asked of an employee is one of the biggest contributors to a lack in motivation.  Keeping this in mind, it is extremely important when managing and motivating your remote team to clearly articulate the organization’s goals and the tasks necessary to achieve those goals. When you are delegating roles out to your team remotely, ensure that they understand the importance of the project and their role within it so that they can avoid confusion and begin making progress immediately.  

Trust Your Team

The change to the remote work environment has left a lot of school administrators and educators confused about how to successfully manage their remote teams. When working within the school it is easy to check in on employee’s progress across various projects either by stopping into their office or classroom, or even passing them in the hall or the main office. But now, without a scheduled call or video meeting it is likely that you will not see your employees nearly as much when working from home.

Given these circumstances it can be easy to want to check in on your team constantly. You may be thinking “how can I be sure all of the work is getting completed correctly and on time?” The short answer is, you can’t. With technology in place like Script, administrators can gain a much clearer line of sight into all of their district’s projects and processes, but when working from home it is important to have a greater level of trust in your team’s abilities to meet their goals.  After all, every member of your team was hired because you believed they were smart, hardworking people. Its time adopt a “motivate and wait” mindset and give them some space to meet the goals of your district.    

Manage Achievements, Not Activity

Going along with the idea that trusting your team and avoiding micromanagement, when trying to motivate your team while working from home it is important to focus on managing achievements, not activity. Like it or not, many of your faculty and staff are not going to be working a normal schedule remotely. While they should still be available for meetings and collaborative sessions throughout the week, some may choose to complete their work earlier or later in the day than they had in the past, and that is okay. As long as timelines are being met and goals are being achieved, there should not be a problem with allowing employees to deviate from their normal work hours. This sense of freedom will likely be a motivator in and of itself, and you may be pleasantly surprised with the output you see as a result.

Provide Your Team with the Proper Tools

If you have kept up with any of our articles in the past you will see that providing your team with the proper tools will help you achieve success in areas such as solving poor employee performance, cutting down on unnecessary meetings, and effectively communicating across your school district, and improving motivation across your team is no different. Knowing that they have the support they need to complete their work effectively will be a huge motivator for your staff. Script was built by school administrators that understand the challenges districts have been facing for years and now more than ever.


We’ve been helping hundreds of schools across the country improve one process and project at a time and have achieved some pretty amazing results. Schedule a demo with us today  to discuss how Script can help play a role in motivating your staff while working from home.