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Onboard Your District With Ease



School districts have been burned from purchasing technology before. They will write a check for a sum of money and then they will be handed the keys to a piece of software that they don’t know how to fully utilize. You are now staring at a screen, not sure how to accomplish what you saw on the demo and your options are very limited with frustration starting to build up.

Building a product from a school system, the Script team has seen several onboarding and training processes from your side of the table. So we put a lot of attention on building out a process that will make sure that our school districts are happy, satisfied and self-sustaining with the extra help as needed.

When you partner with Script, you will be connected to your very own School Success Specialist who will provide an introductory phone call, schedule a full online training, schedule a follow-up call to see your progress and assist in digitizing your first process, hands on. We make sure to take the time and route to assist you and your team for the best possible experience with Script. Our goal is to help you become experts in process automation and self-sufficient in using Script.

There are endless opportunities for process automation in school districts, but with the right tool and attention, you can achieve an efficient process. To learn more about Script, please visit and book your demo today to see how we can help!