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Script, An All-In-One Solution



Adding technology into your school district is supposed to make life easier. However, implementing numerous systems into your district that all serve a different purpose can be confusing, frustrating, and expensive. With the time it takes for employees to switch programs multiple times throughout the same administrative process using one to collect signatures, one to collect payments, one to electronically file the documents, and so forth, it often takes more time than the amount of time it was promised to help you save.

When Script was developed, its creators had one overarching goal of creating an all-in-one, end-to-end district process automation tool. A tool that would combine many of the different tools that school districts struggle to understand and use efficiently. In the end what was created wasn’t a tool at all…it was a solution. A solution that has the capabilities to:

  • digitize forms and paperwork
  • gather electronic signatures
  • standardize all district processes
  • collect payments both internally and externally
  • manage forms and documents
  • route forms to appropriate parties
  • collect and analyze submission data
  • collect and analyze financial data

Script allows your school district to automate each and every process from beginning to end using only one solution. Begin by digitizing your district’s preexisting PDF forms using the form builder. Then, input your form into a process by creating your workflow and routing the form to multiple approvers within the district administration. Best of all, every submission made on a Script form is collected and stored in a report that administrators can pull up and review at any time.

Do some of your district processes involve collecting payments. Script has the ability to process payments made to your school district directly into your district’s bank account. In addition, every transaction your district takes part in using Script’s payment processing tool is accounted for and can be downloaded as an Excel file at any time for tax season, audits, or just plain peace of mind. And with a 256-bit end-to-end encryption, you can be sure that your student and financial records are protected by the best security available.

If your district is currently using a whole suite of tools to accomplish all of these different results, its time to make a change. Using an all-in-one system will mitigate risks and human error, increase communication between departments, and allow your district to continuously improve.  Save yourself the time, frustration, and fees you give to all of these different tools and switch to Script, the only true all-in-one tool for school districts.


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