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Script is Unlike Any Other Solution



If by now you and your administrative team have decided to move toward automating your school district’s processes, congratulations! You have made an excellent decision that is going to increase efficiency and allow for continuous improvement measures that will benefit all stakeholders within your district. Now that you have decided to automate, there is a big decision about the tools you will select to accomplish your goals.

It is true that there are a number of different tools available that can help your school district automate your processes in both small and large ways. Script, however, has a number of unique features to offer school districts that make it the only true all-in-one, end-to-end district process automation tool available.

script comparison

The image above is a comparison between Script and two of our most direct competitors in the district automation space. As you can see, Script covers all the areas of district automation that other solutions may not. In addition, Script even offers a few unique tools that nether competing solution offers.

Mobile App and Web

Unlike other solutions, Script offers users multiple ways to access the platform. Parents, teachers, and administrators can choose to access documents, forms, and processes either online or on our app-based platform. Either one of these platforms can be used to submit forms, provide e-signatures, and make payments to your school district. As a result, allowing users to access data and complete processes from wherever they are speeds up processes and increases the efficiency of your school district as a whole.

Sender Validation for Submitted Forms

Script is also the only solution of its kind to offer sender validation for the forms they submit. What this means is that when a stakeholder within your district completes and submits a form, they will receive an email receipt with information about their submission. This acts as a security measure to verify the sender is aware that a form was submitted using their account. If the sender does not recall submitting a form, the submission can be traced back to the person who did submit the form using a digital fingerprint, or “hash.” This is just one more way that Script is more secure than our competitors.    

Activity Management

Does your school district offer any school clubs, sports, or field trips? If so, one of the other tools included with your Script plan could be a huge asset. Every district who signs up with Script will also be given access to Script Activities. Script Activities is a full activity management tool that includes:

  • digital permission slips with e-signatures
  • payment processing
  • payment tracking
  • access to emergency contacts
  • digital activity rosters  

 This one tool alone can save your school an incredible amount of time when planning and organizing activities, as well as financial peace of mind by allowing you to compare the fees you are owed against the fees you have received (club fees, equipment fees, activity add-ons, etc.).

Making the decision to automate your school district is a great choice! Just make sure that when you do, you chose a solution that can help you accomplish all of your goals. Script’s all-in-one, end-to-end automation offers the most fluent, user-friendly, and customizable solution for your school district.    


Want to learn more about our unique features and how Script can automate all of your school district’s processes? Visit to book a demo today and see how we can help!