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Trending Topics in Education

The 2019/2020 school year was unprecedented. The pandemic caused most schools to cancel classroom meetings and move to online learning. This shift brought about major changes in the plans and mindset of educators. Now in mid-2020, most educational leaders are shifting the focusing onto topics related to student poverty, equality in the classroom, and remote learning.

The Changing Roles of Teachers

Teachers have been the backbone of education by empowering the minds of our children with knowledge. This role has undergone a bit of change lately, with teachers burdened with additional roles and responsibilities. This shift was quite drastic at the end of the 2019/2020 school year and will continue to change as the 2020/2020 school year resumes in the fall. With the emergence of many new viewpoints of where teaching will land in the fall, it will be very interesting to see where things land. Keep an eye on this topic in education to see how it turns out.

Student Health & Wellness

Many students live in poverty and don’t always have enough food to eat. The recent pandemic highlighted this issue, which cause many school districts to distribute free meals to students and the US Department of Agriculture to create a Meal Finder. Studies have shown that hunger prevents students from focusing which causes them to perform poorly in school. Educators are aware of this and are making great strides to help feed students while they are in school.

As risks related to the Covid-19 virus continue, educators are discussing strategies to keep kids safe in the upcoming school year. Some thoughts include smaller class sizes, requiring students/teachers to wear masks and staggered school schedules.

How Parents and Teachers Can Better Work Together

When schools closed because of the pandemic, many transitioned to online learning. Others provided students and parents with learning packets for study at home. This forced many parents to become more involved in the educational process. Still, school leaders are concerned that students without access to computers or ones with parents who did not step up will be left behind.

School administrators and educators have always known that parent involvement is important to a student’s success in school. That said, one of the hot topics trending in education is how to get parents to support and help their local school.

Technology in Teaching and Learning

Teachers have to incorporate technology into their classrooms to make learning more interactive. However, many veteran teachers are not very tech-savvy and need help with some of the new technology. For this reason, many schools are offering professional development and tech support for teachers who need this help which makes this another trending topic.

Education & Minority Students

Equal education for all students is a leading topic amongst today’s educators. Many schools with sizeable populations of minority students have limited access to resources. Both politicians and educational leaders are concerned about ways to level the playing field and close the achievement gap. Some discussions include how to make school funding fairer, ways to recruit and keep quality teachers in these districts, the importance of standardized testing, and improving curricula.

Although the coronavirus left educational administrators scrambling to transition to remote learning, it also presented many opportunities and exciting possibilities in e-learning. In the upcoming years, we can expect to see trends like gamification, videoconferencing and hybrid learning become common in education.

Cybersecurity in Education

Security has always been a concern for system administrators everywhere. With schools’ recent transition to technology products that are new to the industry, a renewed focus on information security has risen. The products created to solve specific needs in education may or may not have been through thorough security testing. These new software products and their security will be a topic within education, much like the recent focus on Zoom’s lack of security.