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Customer Spotlight – Dougherty County School System

The Covid-19 crisis has affected the entire sphere of education, but much has been said about the disproportional and disruptive effects on especially vulnerable groups. This could have been the case for the students served by GEAR UP Dougherty in Georgia’s Dougherty County School System but the staff persevered and adapted, utilizing Script to facilitate their district’s transition to a virtual model. We caught up with project manager Dr. Alanna Simmonds to talk about her experience with our product during the pandemic.

Utility and Timing

GEAR UP Dougherty serves 2100 of the 15,000 students in the Dougherty County School System. Alanna and her team work to secure grant funding to assist low income youths to be able to take tours of colleges and universities. Many of these students may be the first in their family to have the opportunity to attend college — immersing in the experience and atmosphere through programs like GEAR UP can be a life changing experience. Much time and opportunity could have been lost for these students when the district was forced to migrate to virtual in the summer but GEAR UP Dougherty was ready to improvise and adapt. They were already using and familiar with Script from before the pandemic and were able to ramp up their usage to help navigate the challenges of pandemic education.

Widespread Applicability

Early on Alanna’s team captured signatures for their forms, student permissions, and ensured ADA compliance with Script. They began with five workflows during the summer and have now expanded to ten. They have used Script to digitize and streamline several different forms:

  • Emergency contact
  • Annual permission form for field trips (used for entire academic year)
  • Allergy form
  • Medical insurance info form
  • Emergency contact information
  • Consent form for grants

Alanna believes that starting the school year after the summer would have been much more difficult if it weren’t for Script. Their own success with Script has led to interest from other departments in the Dougherty County School System. They are now testing out their own workflows with Script and so far the response has been positive.

“Extremely Easy”

Though we weren’t at all surprised, Alanna told us that her biggest surprise with Script was how easy it is to use. She was guided by Amy in creating her first form from an uploaded PDF but has since done all of the rest herself. She is grateful that her team no longer has to track down forms and that Script has made things a lot easier for them. She was also pleasantly surprised by how quickly families began using Script and feeling comfortable with it. Alanna made it clear that Script has been one of their favorite vendors. She called our customer service awesome and singled out the joy of working with gems like Casey and Amy. How’s that for personal feedback?

When Covid-19 hit GEAR UP Dougherty was prepared and Script was right there with them. Fingers crossed on this pandemic really subsiding soon but the challenges and demands of education are unrelenting anyways. We’re here to help your school or district thrive no matter the circumstances. Streamline, automate, and minimize waste lest ye fall miss the mark! Ok, enough Old English, but really what are you waiting for? Get in touch.