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Fun Art Projects for Kids That Can be Done at Home

With online learning, educators are having to think outside of the box. Give the kids something fun and entertaining to do while encouraging their creativity. You don’t need a lot of supplies to do these art projects. Most of these items are lying around your kids’ house.

Paper Plate Masks

Most families have several paper plates leftover from the summer. They can be used in a variety of art projects from paper plate tambourines to fun masks.

There are many variations of paper plate masks. A favorite project, however, is paper plate animals. Start this online lesson by reading an animal story like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Next, have the kids make paper plate bears. Encourage the parents to spend time with the kids reenacting the story.

Yarn Art Greeting Cards

COVID-19  has changed the lives of you, your kids and their parents. This unprecedented event provides an excellent opportunity for you to teach your kids caring and compassion. Most of them have a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or neighbor that is elderly. Using yarn art, they can make a card that will uplift their spirits.

If your kids have a mom or grandma that knits or crochets, they likely have a box of yarn or yarn scraps somewhere in the house. Turn this yarn into artwork for a card for that special someone. Along with yarn, the kids will need glue, card stock and scissors for their crafty greeting card. This is a great project for elementary-age children.

Slime Art Sculptures

Younger kids can play with slime all day. They like the way it feels, all gooey and slippery in their hands. If you have a class of upper elementary to middle-school students, they can make slime into beautiful art sculptures. This can be a two-day project and a lesson in both science and art. On day one you can make the slime and on day two the sculptures.

Paper Quilt

Quilt-making dates all the way back to the 17th century. Museums worldwide have a collection of quilts that teach the history of America. Start this lesson by taking students on a quilting tour. Then share with them the idea of making their own quilt using paper. They can collect scrap Christmas paper, greeting cards, magazines, and construction paper for their paper quilts.

Colorful Tissue Paper Flowers

Everyone loves getting flowers, right? Turn a package of colorful tissue paper and coat hangers into a flower arrangement. All you need is some wire coat hangers, glue, tissue paper, and some creativity. After applying a dollop of glue, twist the paper around the coat hanger wire to make it look like a rose. Your kids will love getting creative with their flower shapes and colors.

Paper Bowl Jellyfish

All you’ll need is paper bowls, yarn, glue, and some paint. Poke a hole through the middle of the bowl and string the yarn through it. Glue different colors of yarn to the edges of the bowl until it begins to look like a jellyfish. Have fun with trying different colors and painted styles.

You don’t have to teach art to add these expressive projects to your lesson plans. No matter the age of your students, these assignments can teach decision making, planning, organizing, and problem-solving.