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Fun Exercises for Kids During Remote Learning

Everyone, including kids, is experiencing cabin fever. After being on lockdown for over 4 weeks, it is no wonder we are all in need of burning off excess energy. For both mental and physical health, quarantine exercise breaks are important to keep kids active while under stay-at-home orders. This is especially helpful with remote learning because kids can get a little restless when they’ve been sitting in front of a computer screen for an hour or so.  This is why schools allow for recess time. Along with helping manage weight and developing a healthy heart, physical exercise will help the kids to stay focused during their lessons.

Simon Says and Remote Learning

Turn Simon Says into a fun fitness game. It is ideal for early childhood or lower elementary students. Most kids know the game, but if they don’t, you can begin by telling them how to play. Keep it simple with exercises like jumping, standing on one foot, and shaking. You can also try a few funny exercises like waddling like a penguin or moving like a robot.

Silly Dancing in Quarantine

Make dancing a part of your quarantine physical activity program. Whenever you sense that the kids need a break, have them stand and do a little silly dancing. You can add additional fun to the activity by having the kids freeze or learn some popular comedic dances like the cabbage patch, running man or sprinkler.

Yoga or Tai Chi with Remote Learning

Both yoga and tai chi can give your students physical activity while also teaching them to relax and meditate. If you practice either of these, you can create your own routine. If not, there are plenty of age-appropriate workouts on YouTube. This is an exceptional quarantine exercise idea for high schoolers.

Chair Aerobics for Small Spaces

Many of your students won’t have a lot of space to move around. Why not get them active with a little chair aerobics? Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels, it is one of the easiest ways to take an activity break. Create your own 15-minute session with stretching and cardio exercises like chair running, bike pedaling or jumping jacks – all while they are seated.

An array of aerobic teachers and trainers have launched free workout programs to help fight depression and keep the body fit during the quarantine. This includes free dance lessons from Debbie Allen which are available on Instagram and different YouTube Channels with fun exercise videos for the kids. Add one or more of these to your remote learning program.

Family Walks

Get the whole family involved for mid-day or evening walks. This is a great way to get the kids out of your house and breathing some fresh air. You could even incorporate a “spot list” of animals to help keep their minds occupied while on the walks. Children love scavenger hunts as well. Just remember that exercise comes in all shapes and forms, especially during a quarantine.

Outdoor Games

Have a football or frisbee and some nearby green space? These two toys are great ways to make running feel like a game. Throw the football or frisbee with your kids and make it fun. See who can do tricks while catching or run different routes to see if you can catch it. Kids love to challenge themselves while having fun, and this will make exercise seem like a fun game!