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Top Summer Vacation Ideas for Families

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With summer vacation kicking into full swing, families are looking for great opportunities to explore our country. We wanted to give everyone some options that were both fun and educational. Take a look at this list of summer vacation spots that will create lasting memories for you and your family.  Learning over summer doesn’t have to be boring, make the most of these great spots with you and your family.

Script’s summer vacation destinations:

  1. Cape Canaveral, FL

    Home to some of NASA’s most famous space shuttle launches, this destination is a must go for any family that loves history. The Kennedy Space Center even includes an on-site museum for visitors to check out to learn more about NASA’s history. The close proximity of the center to some of Florida’s beautiful beaches makes this trip a perfect destination.

  2. Niagara Falls, NY

    Use summer vacation to enjoy this national treasure during the milder months of the year – no heavy winter jacket needed! Visitors have the option to see the falls up close in the Maid of the Mist boat excursion or a guided walking tour that takes you behind the falls. Both options provide a great opportunity to witness Niagara Falls’ raw power in person.

  3. Disneyworld, FL / Disneyland, CA

    Make every child’s dream come true with a visit to this magical theme park. With a mix of rides, attractions, and fireworks shows, it’s hard to imagine any family could have a bad time at Disney. Depending on your location, one of the parks may be more convenient than the other.

  4. Yellowstone, WY

    Surround yourself in nature and beautiful scenery with this beautiful national park. Yellowstone is home to hot spring geysers, wild buffalo, and beautiful scenery you can’t find elsewhere. Take this opportunity to get in touch with nature and teach your children about the variety of native species that live in the park.

  5. Grand Canyon

    Although getting to enjoy the entirety of the Grand Canyon could take a lifetime, we recommend stopping here to see the enormousness of this natural landmark. Whether you just want to view the Canyon from the edge of the cliffs or visit the river basin, this trip is one that your family won’t forget.

  6. New York City, NY

    Also called “the city that never sleeps”, NYC has more to offer than any visitor could possibly have enough time to fully enjoy. Visitors can take advantage of historical sites, broadway theater, live concerts, or even getting to enjoy NY staples like pizza or bagels. This is a city that has something for everyone, just don’t get overwhelmed marveling at all your options.

  7. Washington, DC

    A list of summer destinations would be incomplete without including our own nation’s capital. Washington, DC has a plethora of museums, historical sites, and other tourist opportunities for you to enjoy during your visit. The diversity of people living in the area also helps to create a unique mixing pot of culture and cuisine for you to enjoy while you visit.

We hope this list helps you and your family create lasting memories doing something fun together. Summer trips create a lifetime of memories that your family will tell for years. Hopefully our list helps your family create those memories!


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