10 Apps Sure to Boost Productivity in Your School

Administrator Using Script


Organization isn’t easy.  As the old saying goes, if it was easy, everyone would do it. In schools, organization and management start at the top with the administration – they set the tone for the entire school.  If they aren’t running the school efficiently, everything falls apart.  So, how can we make this easier? There are a ton of apps out there guaranteeing to aid in your school’s productivity, so we’ve weeded them out for you and found the 10 best ones that actually do what they promise.  You’re welcome!

  1. Observation 360– Every state across the country has some sort of teacher evaluation quota they have to meet, and the paperwork and documentation that goes along with it can be tedious.  Using this app from Frontline, administration staff can view, send, and edit documents for teacher evaluations and observations. It’s a great tool to help your teachers progress as educators.
  2. Google Drive– I’m pretty much on board with anything Google does. The Drive has free cloud storage for any and all documents, projects, scanned items, photographs, videos, slideshows, etc. Not only does this allow you to have easy to access (and find) digital copies instead of rifling through paperwork, but it also lets you share it with your coworkers.  You can decide whether or not the viewer can edit what you share with them.
  3. Dragon Dictation– As all secretaries know, taking down meeting minutes can be stressful and frustrating. Instead of having to interrupt the meeting by asking, “can you repeat that?” and “who seconded that motion?” this app has voice to text technology that will record your meetings and immediately translate them into a document for you.  This then can be turned into a file, email, memo, or whatever else you require.
  4. Asana– Project management at its finest, Asana allows administrators to delegate roles and assign projects or task lists. You can set goals, deadlines, and make sure everyone knows where their priorities should lie in their work. View project progression at every stage and give assistance where needed. It also has a convenient chat function, which basically removes the need for in-person staff conferences.
  5. Schedule Once– Daily meetings are part of an administration staff’s job, but it’s time-consuming and exhausting trying to make time for and remember every meeting, conference, and appointment. This app is basically a personal assistant, allowing clients, teachers, students, and parents to make appointments with you based on your schedule and availability.
  6. Evernote– This app is advertised as feeling, “organized without the effort”, and that really spoke to us. Administration responsibilities cover a wide range, and this app will make your life so much easier and, of course, more organized. It allows users to do things like write notes, share folders or web pages, record meetings, capture excerpts from online articles or ebooks, and even display presentations across different mediums.
  7. Script– Improve your workflow by digitizing your paper forms and automating your processes, and manage activities, invoices, and more around your school. This is great for seamlessly ticking off all the items on your to-do list in half the time it would normally take.
  8. Boomr– Goodbye time sheets and punching the clock!  Using this app allows your employees to easily “clock in” from any device, generating an accurate, down to the second, time sheet.  The app automatically creates payroll and invoices, and will also be an asset to employee scheduling and time off requests.
  9. Gibbon- This one seems to encompass many tools for many different tasks. What we like most about it is that it was created by teachers to assist schools with everyday issues like payroll, staff development, and attendance. Plus, it’s free!
  10. School Dude– This one is vital for automating maintenance and school repairs. Instead of letting maintenance requests get backed up, leading to frustrated teachers and students, you can manage work orders and delegate jobs right from the app.


Don’t just read about it, be about it! Script can work directly with you to help your school become more efficient. Setup a demo today and let’s work together to move education forward.