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5 Qualities of Effective School Tech Directors

Hiring new employees can be an overwhelming task for even the best of us. It is exhausting to look through all those resumes, conduct the interviews, and call on references of the dozens of applicants that apply. After all that is done, there’s still the mountain of information to process and consider. That doesn’t even include the task of comparing the candidates against eachother to try and find the best fit for the role for which you’re interviewing them.

Have you ever wondered what qualities you should look for when hiring a new Technology Director for your school? We put together this fun infographic to help provide some insight into the qualities to look for in your next hire. With the job market flush with applicants, we wanted to make sure that you were hiring the best fit for your school to help take it to the next level.

We wanted to ensure we provided guidance that was both accurate and impactful to you and your team, so we talked to consultants with expertise in employee assessment to create the 5 Qualities of Effective Tech Directors.

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