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6 Hot Topics in Education that Deserve Your Attention

Hot talking points in Education


Educational pedagogy is an ever-changing field.  It’s vital that all educators and administrators are continuously learning, practicing, and sharing new ideas and strategies.

Staying up to date on new topics and approaches is essential for teachers to stay relevant and to fine-tune their craft, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there, it’s difficult to comb through all of it.  Efficiency is key, and therefore it should be the focus when searching for innovative programs and ideas for your school.

What’s a hot topic in education right now? Process automation.

Script’s IDEA (individual digital e-file automation) Model is as innovative as it gets. Script states that it is the standard for school process efficiency, and it’s easy to see why.  Automating school processes is a time saver, headache reducer, organization helper, and simply makes the job easier. Although a basic standard for process efficiency has never been developed for schools, IDEA’s goal is to, “bring a standard in process efficiency for all districts and schools to progressively improve operations”.  Many schools still use the basic filing system that they have for years, but Script pushes administrators to see the benefits of automating these day to day operations in office work as well as in the classroom. More progressive schools may already be starting to automate processes such as attendance, grades, or office forms, but it is not in a collaborative system that coordinates together. Script’s solution will analyze your school’s effectiveness of its current workflow and suggest areas for improvement. Every department of a school could benefit from workflow automation, and Script is eager to help.

What’s a hot topic in education right now? Improvements in school climate & culture.

If you follow any education accounts on social media, chances are you have seen pictures of inspirational quotes decorating school hallways, self-esteem boosting notes on bathroom mirrors, or students celebrating kindness in other ways. This is a great thing!  School’s all over the globe are embracing the promotion of self-love, kindness, and inclusion.  In a world with much hate, this is something all schools should embody.

Improving school climate and culture not only boosts morale, but it also increases attendance rates and reduces disciplinary issues. Social-emotional learning initiatives are being implemented in schools across the country in the hope of helping this as well. Mental health requirements are also becoming mandatory in schools, letting students know what signs to look for and where to go for help.

What’s a hot topic in education right now? Improving professional development opportunities.

Continuous learning and training are necessary for teachers to stay up to date on the most recent educational practices.  Schools must provide teachers with these opportunities. High-quality educators are becoming more difficult to come by, and this is partially because of a lack of learning opportunities for educators.  Just like students require different teaching styles, so do teachers.  They are looking for a variety of relevant professional development opportunities that resonate with them and are relevant to the work they are doing in the classroom.

What’s a hot topic in education right now? Later start times.

As all teachers know, the biggest gripe they get from students is how early they have to wake up and how tired they are. Formally a complaint that was brushed off, it is now a valid reason for many schools adopting later start times. Recent research shows that a growing number of high school students are sleep deprived.  Some may argue that they need to shut off their phones and video games, but many students are struggling with balancing schoolwork, sports or other extra-curricular activities, and part-time jobs.  Research suggests that even a half hour delay of the first-period bell can improve academic success.

What’s a hot topic in education right now? No homework.

Yeah, you read that right.  Many k-5 schools have adopted a no-homework policy, stating that there is no measurable benefit. Instead, they encourage parents to read with their children and involve them in activities where they will have opportunities to socialize.

What’s a hot topic in education right now? Flexible seating.

It’s not a surprise that kids don’t like to stay in their seats.  Enter flexible seating.  You may have seen this in your own schools.  Bean bag chairs, exercise balls, standing desks, bucket chairs, stools, or large pillows are a few ideas. It’s definitely not for every teacher, but if you have solid classroom management, it may increase productivity and focus in your room.


Don’t just read about it, be about it! Script can work directly with you to help your school become more efficient. Setup a demo today and let’s work together to move education forward.