6 Tools to Improve Communication in Schools

Connected Workplace


With everything going on in a typical school day, it’s no wonder that communication problems are common.  Teachers, administrators, and office employees are almost always juggling multiple tasks at once.  Our minds are constantly trying to anticipate the next issue while prioritizing our to-do lists, and when we struggle to contact each other or get questions answered quickly, it only makes matters worse.  This is why tools or apps for effective communication may be a great way to increase efficiency in this area.

This is where using a form of technology, like Script, comes in. Having the ability to immediately send and receive forms instead of walking to and from the main office or sending interoffice mail saves hours if not days. This app alerts you immediately when you have something to complete or when a form you requested is filled out and returned.

Administrators and teachers can utilize automation tools to communicate with each other.  Send out alerts quickly and efficiently rather than hoping they are constantly checking their email.  Automating workflow correspondence creates a healthy, efficient communication between all departments.

Another app to consider is Slack.  This is a chat tool which allows your employees to communicate in real time, which is a huge advantage when you have a class full of kids and don’t want to be stating the information aloud.  Or, simply, when you don’t want to have to waste planning time to go speak to another employee.

Fuze is a great tool for internal communication, specifically for office workers, allowing users to make HD video calls, video conference, and organize meetings. It will also analyze the data you choose to input.

Deskdrop, described as the ‘simplest internal communications tool’, prides itself on making sure employees get the correspondence you intend for them to receive.  No more, “I don’t think I got that email”, Deskdrop says that it does not flood your inbox, but rather cooperates with the current (G Suite) tools you use to help you be most effective.

Speaking of G Suite, Google Calendar is a wonderful tool to use to track school events, work days, meetings, test dates, or whatever else you need.  Simply invite staff to access the calendar, and then they can access it to edit (or only view) your calendar.  This clears up a lot of miscommunication about dates and start times.

If your school is looking more for an employee communication app, Connectteam might be your best bet.  You can track and manage employees’ hours with a GPS time clock, schedule shifts for your custodial staff or handle chaperone duty, create mobile checklists and forms to dispense, and communicate with your staff via chat, instant updates, surveys, and even a virtual suggestion box.


Don’t just read about it, be about it! Script can work directly with you to help your school become more efficient. Setup a demo today and let’s work together to move education forward.