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How Apps Are Here to Stay for Students


No matter what age they may be, students are experiencing a completely different style of education than even just ten years earlier. The iPhone celebrated its ten year anniversary this year. The first iPad came out in 2010. Chromebooks came out shortly after that. The very first app came out in 2008. It was just a simple sort of arcade game called Snake. Who would have thought that in less than ten years, apps would totally change the world of education?

There is literally an app to go with every situation nowadays. Let’s look at a normal school day and figure out just how different everything is because of technology.

Not too long ago in the past, kids would wake up across the country to their mom or dad shouting at them that it was time to get up. The responsible kids would wake up due to their alarm clock blaring. But now, most kids wake up due to the alarm clock app on their phone. You may think that cell phones are only owned by older students. However, students as young as second grade bring their phone to school each day.

Pretend that this is the first day of school for the student and they are not sure where the school actually is located. There are several map apps available that will lead the student literally right to the front door.

The classes during the school day offer up many instances where apps would come in handy, either through their phone, iPad, Chromebook, or something similar. Remember when we used to take notes in classes by writing as quickly as we could in our notebook? Not anymore. Students can take a quick picture of whatever is written on the board or just record the whole lecture through lecture capture apps. There are numerous ones out there.

Any writing of papers can be accomplished through several document apps. Students barely have the need to pick up an actual pen or pencil anymore. Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can all be accomplished through their numerous devices. And then when the student has to hand it into the teacher, they can just share the document with them electronically. There are many schools currently out there that try their best to never use paper anymore.

Studying used to have to be done by reading over notes, looking over the textbook, and making flashcards to memorize the material. There are apps for all of that now. In fact, you can just type in the information you want to remember, and the app will place it all together in a practice quiz or something similar.

When the day is completed and the student is back home, they no longer have to try to remember if they had homework in their classes. There are student planner apps or reminder apps to assist them in remembering what they have to still finish.

Lastly, students would often get together for study sessions at night, whether cramming for a test or working on a project together. They would have to figure out whose house they would be meeting at, and how they were all going to get there. Not anymore. There are so many great video chatting apps that the current student does not even have to leave their bedroom to converse with their classmates.

As their school day and night comes to an end, students can look back and see how many calories they burned through all the different fitness apps. They can check if they hydrated themselves properly. They can make sure they are going to receive the right amount of sleep. And then with their healthy eating apps, they can plan their next day’s meals so they receive all the proper nutrition. It is a completely different world we are living in where amazing technology is right at our fingertips.

Ryan Crawley is a former reporter/editor that turned his attention towards other interests, including Education, Health and Fitness, and the Paranormal. He enjoys working on his novels and playing with his dogs, Flair and Smoosh-Face. Contact him through his LinkedIn profile