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Business Process Management for School Districts

Business Process Management


Digital transformation of K-12 activities and daily workflows may seem daunting, but a Business Process Management (BPM) tool offers a straightforward, efficient, and cost effective way to hop on that train and never look back. Script is a business process management tool for school districts, specifically created for K-12 schools to simplify their current state workflow into a customized, digitized, single platform.

Business Process Management, previously only available to large corporations with multi-million dollar IT budgets, is a way to transform processes, services, and communications into a single, digital, standardized format. It will significantly reduce  the potential for errors often associated when collecting and delivering data on multiple systems.

Considering the amount of activities, tasks, and emails among parents, teachers, school administrators and district personnel, it’s easy to see the benefits of business process management for school districts. Script is an affordable business process management tool for K-12 school districts that can digitize forms and automate business processes.

The implementation of business process management for school districts begins with identifying the activities that are performed, either manually or automatically, throughout a workflow lifecycle. School districts already involved in the digital transformation process use BPM to tackle the transformation of their current state workflows.

Workflow is simply the flow between each task within a process. Business process management for school districts includes tools that help manage the individual workflows of each process, including things like form approvals, SSO, email notifications, and so on.

However, digital transformation does not necessarily require schools to reinvent the wheel, since Script BPM can be customized to:

  • Improve Existing Processes
  • Digitize Paperwork
  • Systemize and Communicate Crisis Procedures
  • Collect and Analyze Metrics
  • Process Payments
  • Reduce Errors
  • Provide Digitized Services
  • Mitigate Risks
  • Gather Electronic Signatures, and
  • Embed Continuous Improvement.

Workflow automation can be a part of a larger BPM tool, or it can be a separate tool. Business process management for school districts streamlines routine administrative management and activity functions of K-12 schools, and will save time and money by dramatically improving efficiency, instilling uniformity across varied workflows, and automate cyclical tasks.

As a process-driven system, business process management for school districts further allows K-12 school districts to enhance the engagement and participation of their school communities via the shared efforts to modernize the delivery and automation of routine workflows.

Another impactful benefit of business process management for school districts is that it automatically collects metrics. BPM can identify and remove unnecessary steps and processes that lead to slow downs, allow upper-level management to concentrate on strategy and organization. It enables a school to operate without worrying about specific deadlines, track progress and assess performance, keep records of previous processes and make future processes repeatable. This data can be analyzed and used for continuous improvement.

Using a business process management tool for school districts like Script allows the entire process to be done a single platform and collects data at every step.

The consistency, efficiency, and data-rich usefulness of business process management for school districts, not only adds limitless value, it conducts K-12 schools into the future.