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Creating and Using COVID-19 Symptom Checklists in your School

With a new school year approaching within the next couple of weeks, school administrators across the country are preparing to welcome thousands of students back into the classroom. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique set of challenges that no teachers, faculty, or school administrator have had to consider. The biggest consideration of course is maintaining safe and sanitary learning and work environment for all of your students and faculty. In a previous article, we discussed the CDC’s back to school recommendations regarding maintaining a sanitary learning and working environment for your students and faculty. Many of these recommendations may look how you would expect, including suggestions on when and how to properly sanitize high touch surfaces and instructions on how to properly educate the community about staying home when appropriate, and guidance on creating a process for reporting positive coronavirus cases within your district.

It goes without saying that when creating plans for reopening, schools should strive to be as proactive as possible in their efforts to screen faculty and students who may be at risk for carrying the coronavirus before they enter the classroom or district office. In an effort to get ahead of any possible exposure, many districts are implementing a screening system either by choice or by government order that will work to mitigate much of the health concerns we are all trying desperately to avoid. At Script, we take pride in our ability to act as trusted advisors to our partner schools and the entire education ecosystem, and as such we decided to create a solution that would provide schools with a tool that allows them to carry out the screening process in the most effective and discrete way possible.

The COVID Symptom Checklist

Over the past couple of weeks, we have added a number of tools to our free Form Gallery aimed at helping schools reopen safely. Among these tools is our new set of COVID related forms such as the COVID Symptom checklists. This checklist is designed to be completed by every member of your district from staff and faculty to students and even visitors with the goal of identifying possible coronavirus carriers before they enter your schools.

The checklist first asks for the person’s general information including their name, address, contact information, and other information like the student’s grade level or the employee’s department and supervisor. The person filling it out is then asked to complete a guided self-assessment and check off each box indicating whether or not they have shown any known COVID-19 symptoms, have come in contact with anyone who has a suspected or positive coronavirus case, or have done any traveling outside of the community within the last 14 days.

The document should then be signed and returned either electronically or in person to a designated party within your school district.  If the person has answered “yes” to any of those questions, they are instructed not to enter the building and contact a healthcare professional immediately. If they had answered “no” to each field, the person should be granted access to the building.

Contract Tracing

Having an efficient system for contract tracing within your district is extremely important when planning to contain any possible or confirmed cases within your schools. Aside from ensuring that anyone with the coronavirus does not enter any of your district buildings, the COVID symptom checklist is also an extremely effective tool in allowing administrators and health officials to track any students or faculty that may have come into close contact with an infected person and ensure they get tested immediately before returning to the classroom or office. Giving school administrators access to information offered by the COVID symptom checklist including the grade level or classes taken by a student or the department and office occupied by an infected employee is crucial in preventing further spread. For even more immediate access to this information, Script can fully automate all of your district’s coronavirus related processes, along with many, many more, to ensure that the entire community remains safe and healthy.

Keeping your Information Safe

We understand that personal information about your staff and students is extremely sensitive information and must be handled in the most secure way possible. With Script, all of the information within your automated processes will be proteced under a 256-bit end-to-end encryption, the same used by many medical and financial institutions and even the US military. This should not only give administrators peace of mind, but also free up administrative time that could be better utilized overcoming the new set of challenges that will come with the start of this school year.

More Resources

Over the past couple of months our number one goal has been helping school administrators access the proper tools and resources that will allow for the safe reopening of the 2020-2021 school year. For more topics and information from us as well as health experts, check out the links below. From all of us at Script, we wish everyone a safe and happy start to the new school year!