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Customer Spotlight – How the Bell County School System is Using Script

It is always rewarding for us here at Script to see customers finding our product useful. It’s especially thrilling when we see customers employing Script in innovative ways to bring more efficiency and vigor to their procedures. We know that best practices come from a lot of curiosity, trial, and error and we’d like to share the story of how the Bell County School System is using Script to streamline the distribution and completion of high frequency forms. We hope it’s something that can inspire other schools and districts working to streamline their paperwork and administration.

How the Bell County School System is using Script.

BCSS is using Script in combination with QR codes to link both parents and students to high volume high frequency forms such as attendance, registration, and enrollment. To facilitate this they have the pertinent QR codes posted at access points to the building. Parents are able scan these codes to pull up and complete a Script attendance form. All they need is a camera equipped smartphone or other device, doesn’t matter if it’s Apple, Samsung, Huawei. This saves time in multiple ways. The parents don’t have to enter and find the necessary office, they don’t have to fill out and pass back paperwork, the office workers don’t have to process the forms, it goes on. Dr Mitch Bailey, Director of Exceptional Children and Support Services at BCSS, said this has saved the schools and parents a lot of time and frees parents up since they can use their own devices, though BCSS also provides devices to parents if need be. Dr. Bailey led the effort by generating OR codes online and including the urls for parents to find readers to be able to scan them. Creative and useful, this is something that could be easily done in many other schools and doesn’t need a high level of technical expertise. Want to know how? Keep reading.

QR Code Generators

QR, or quick response, codes are a type of two dimensional barcode that can store a lot of information in a form easily accessible by a scan. A QR code generator is a type of software that can create a unique and specific code from something like text or a web address. There are many ways to create QR codes, some free and others with a subscription or paid. Some of the most popular free QR code generators are Flowcode, QRCode Monkey, and QR Code Generator. Instead of hunting down email addresses and sending a url link for some necessary forms the url link can be transformed into a code. Anyone from the intended audience who scans the code will be brought straight to the url. Simple, scalable, and time-saving.

QR Code Scanners

Once the QR code is created all that is necessary to reach the linked url is a QR code scanner. On camera-equipped smartphones this is in the form of software, an app. Some smartphones have the ability to scan and interpret QR codes natively but there are also plenty of free apps, such as QR Reader for iPhones and FREE QR Barcode Scanner: QR Scanner/QR Code Reader on Google Play. When a smartphone user aims their camera at the QR code while using the app the QR code will be interpreted and, in this case, the url opened. They don’t even have to know how to use e-mail, it’s so simple a grandparent can do it! We know, we know — there are plenty of tech-savvy grandparents, just a bad joke.

About Bell County Schools

The Bell County School District is located in southeastern Kentucky. It is made up of six schools serving preschool to 8th grade, one high school, and one alternative school. There are approximately 3,000 students in the district. They are using Script to further their goals of college readiness, and your school or district can too!