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Customer Spotlight – Van Buren Intermediate School District and Script

2020 isn’t quite wrapped up yet, but it’s nice to be able to highlight some successes we at Script have been able to play a role in. We recently received some very positive feedback from Tim Hamelink, Software Support Specialist at the Van Buren Independent School District, about their experience using Script. VBISD serves around 16,000 students from Pre-K to Grade 12 in twelve different communities in and around Lawrence, Michigan. They’re located near the southeast corner of Lake Michigan, on the route between Grand Rapids and Chicago. For the last three years Tim has worked to maintain and install applications and devices throughout the district and took charge of the rollout and upkeep of Script. So far he’s used Script for forms such as Requisition Forms, New Enrollment Forms, and Employee Onboarding and it’s already making quite the impact. Here is where Tim is seeing the difference:


Tim’s experience setting up Script with VBISD couldn’t have been easier. He told us, “a lot of folks can pick up and use this kind of application, not much training is required.” Right away it has proven helpful in making forms digital with e-signatures. The requisition form process has been streamlined, and the information gets to the right people. Parents are now able to complete enrollment forms at home with zero hassle, simply following public links. Employee onboarding is also much quicker and easier for new hires.

Turnaround Time

VBISD has been able to improve turnaround time from around one week to the same day. Tim is happy to see the right information completed and sent to the right people without any effort on his part. This change has made for much smoother operations. Script, for Tim, has “lived up to the hype in every way.”


With Script it’s never been easier to substitute existing forms and processes or build up entirely new ones. One customization Tim shared, “I like that you have options, a bunch of different ways to go about getting the forms and workflows done.” The open-ended possibilities mean Script can work in any school or district. The experience of VBISD shows how quickly Script can improve processes whether large or small.


Since Script was built from the ground up for schools and districts it’s much more seamless than general workflow alternatives. Tim told us that in his experience with his district’s software so far “it’s never Script that is the thing that’s broken.” Script works hard to deliver a sound product and experience to customers and it’s rewarding when that is recognized. Schools deserve solutions they can depend on.


Tim has also been thrilled with the level of support from Script, saying, “[the] support team has been fantastic. I don’t know what more you could ask for. The product updates every few months are awesome too! When I ran into an issue with a form, support dropped everything and helped me out.” Some similar products, even general purpose, don’t include support up front but at Script we stand by our customers.


It was a great conversation and we couldn’t be happier to share in the positive experience of VBISD, which is ongoing. Tim told us he is always on the lookout for ways to expand the usage of Script within his district because it has made things so much easier for him. And he’s spreading the word, mentioning that whenever he talks to someone looking for a product like Script he always says, “hey, I’ve got a product for you.”


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