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Customer Spotlight – Washtenaw Intermediate School District

When schools and districts had to unexpectedly manage the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic back in March of last year, the Washtenaw Intermediate School District found itself with a powerful ally in managing the process — yours truly, Script. We recently spoke to Ashley Kryscynski, MSW, a Communications & Public Relations Specialist with the district and it was incredibly rewarding to find out first hand how useful and helpful our product has been, especially considering the situation and its challenges.

Night and Day

The Washtenaw Intermediate School District utilizes Script for many of its forms, including

  • Health Screener
  • Emergency contact
  • Legal documents
  • HR paperwork
  • Paperwork for superintendent
  • New hire paperwork
  • Acceptable use policy paperwork for Tech/Early Childhood team

Kryscynski called their Script experience “night and day different in reimagining processes we had in place.” The ease of use means that anyone who needs access to the campus can use it, which matters more now than ever. Script has helped Washentaw quickly provide remote options and enact strict protocols within its schools. Before Script, emergency contact and health data required someone going into school data systems and manually updating each record, but now the process is streamlined and Washentaw can even use a daily health screener. This keeps staff in the know nearly up to the minute and provides real time tracking on who is safe and who isn’t. No longer does any one person have to spend time and effort tracking down missing or delayed paperwork and any holdup or lag can be pinpointed with ease. The paperwork flow is simplified, secure, and visible. QR code functionality has also ensured no unnecessary breaches of social distancing in the district as well as no questions about accessing relevant and up-to-date forms — they’re posted right there for anyone to see at the school doors. Fortunately, as things are slowly improving, Script is even helping Washentaw to track vaccine usage and availability.

“If the pandemic had happened before Script, we would have struggled. But Script has made night and day difference. Script has helped us adjust without too many headaches.” – Ashley Kryscynski, MSW

Top Notch

Kryscynski told us that her biggest surprise with Script was our communication, calling us “very responsive to enhancement suggestions, really top notch!” Not bad for an in demand solution in the middle of a pandemic. We can be proud, and we can help your school or district too. We asked Kryscynski what she would suggest to prospective users and she put it succinctly, “Just do it already!”

There you have it, get in touch with us here at Script to see how we can help improve and smooth out the rest of your 2021 school year. There are plenty of headaches remaining that can be avoided.

About Washtenaw Intermediate School District

The Washtenaw Intermediate School District covers most of Washtenaw County, Michigan. Between related buildings and schools of ten local districts and academies Washentaw serves upwards of 44,000 students. The WISD focuses on teaching and learning for students in Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Lincoln, Manchester, Milan, Saline, Whitmore Lake, and Ypsilanti. It operates cooperative programs and delivers services to both Public Schools and Constituent Public School Academies. Naomi Norman serves as WISD’s Interim Superintendent this 2020-21 school year. The district has an eye to the future, not only evident with Script but much of its efforts. Just recently it made national news for partnerships that brought free WiFi to much of Southeastern Michigan.