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Fun Learning Activities for Children During COVID-19

The Coronavirus-19 is reshaping education.  As a teacher or administrator, you’re now coaching and working closely with parents who are teaching their kids at home. Many schools and teachers are using technology like Google Classroom to enhance distance learning and share materials with parents. Along with online learning, you can incorporate some fun assignments in your lesson plans to put a smile on the face of your students and parents during this difficult time.

For Early Childhood Students…

Your parents will be thankful to know that there is a KidTime Story Time channel on YouTube. On this channel, there are a variety of readers and a large selection of stories. Many readers use colorful characters to help tell the story. Most videos show the pages which lets the early reader follow along. It’s a wonderful mix of stories, voices, and imaginative play focused at young children.

For Lower Elementary Age Students…

Lower elementary age students might not be getting enough physical activity during the state-mandated shelter-in-place orders. Add some fun, physical activity into your lesson plans. Some ideas include:

  • Create an online exercise video and challenge your students to take part.
  • Send your kids on a scavenger hunt in the backyard or park. Have them take a picture of what they find. Some things to put on the list include a bird, tree, rock, and branch.
  • Keep learning fun by providing parents with several at-home learning assignments and resources such as coloring pages, mazes, logic puzzles, brainteasers, and book lists.

For Middle-Age Students…

Going on a virtual field trip can be a blast! Your kids can explore many places from their homes. To add to the learning, have your students find the venue on the Google Map. Ask questions about the location to get them more engaged. Some great places to virtually visit include:

For High Schoolers…

High school-age students are tech-savvy. As a fun learning assignment, you can have your students create their own short videos using their cell phones. Choose a topic that will get their parents and siblings involved too. Some ideas include:

  • Director/create a commercial that markets a food product.
  • Create an instructional video such as cooking or sharing a craft or hobby.
  • Interview parents about their jobs or how they are coping with working from home.
  • Share a favorite poem, song or make a rap about history or math.
  • Provide tips on how to survive a home with a younger sibling.


Adapting to the new at home learning environment can be quite challenging for both parents and students. This list should help provide some changeup to the usual routine of assignments and keep learning fun for everyone involved!