Get the Most of Your 2020 Budget Before Year End

The Holiday Break is finally right around the corner. Just a few more school days and teaching in 2020 will finally be in the books. There has been more experimentation, improvisation, and wheeling and dealing over the last nine months than any other point in the history of education. There’s been an immense amount of hard work, overtime, and late nights to make the best of this trying period. Script recognizes that while this break has been a long time coming, still more remains. Not to mention something that many school officials like least of all — budget planning.

To help you stretch your budget a little further we are giving a 20% discount to new customers. Our digital solutions are uniquely suited to help schools and districts face their day-to-day tasks with more agility and at the same time maximize their budget potential. There’s never been a better time to make this change. Here’s how Script can help customers get the most of their 2020 budget.

Increase Productivity

The results are out there — Script clearly helps schools and districts get more done, more efficiently and with far less person-hours. Digitalization and automated workflow streamline necessary paperwork processes schools depend on. The strains and volatility of education in the time of Covid-19 ensure that there is no shortage of tasks facing school staff while time has never felt shorter. If it’s the year of anything in education, it’s the year of curveballs. In school, out of school, Plan A, Plan B, paperwork can be one less pitch to worry about, because keeping people bogged down with it sidelines them from more meaningful needs and responsibilities. Script can demonstrably ensure that this productivity drain can be shed. Get those precious hours back and get moving forward.

Cut Paper Costs

Countless reems, printers, copiers, faxes, electricity, filing cabinets, office space — it all adds up. And for many schools and districts paperwork costs account for a significant amount of each year’s budget, taking up time, space, and much ending up in the trash. With Script these funds can easily be shifted towards other needs in the coming school year. There is a limit to the Covid-19 relief packages offered by states and the federal government. Script frees up paper costs forever. This means more important 21st century concerns, like school connectivity infrastructure, can be prioritized and taken care of. Meanwhile you’ll be saving the planet energy and resources, all good stuff.

Increase Security and Safety

Paper has to be somewhere, and moved by someone one. This puts clear limits on its usefulness, security, and, especially in times like these, it’s safety. Script’s digital solutions streamline the exchange and storage of documents. Get things to and from the correct recipients as easily and quickly as possible. We’re talking same day turnaround. Script’s databasing keeps items more accountable and trackable than ever. No more redoing lost documents and worry-free cost-effective cloud storage. Plus, there’s the minimizing of virus concerns now and in flu-seasons of the future.

Script can do it all:

  • Digitize your current paperwork
  • Automate school forms and processes
  • Create teams to stay organized
  • Record and exchange E-Signatures
  • Keep one location for all of your approvals and forms
  • Gain insights into bottlenecks in your departments

The value of safer, smarter, schools that can clearly communicate within and without has never been more recognized, and it’s possible now. Join the growing list of innovative schools and districts employing Script to maximize their potential.

Interested in making the switch to living the good life?

Contact us to save 20% on Script — this offer is only good until 12/31 with a signed contract. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Schedule a demo today!

Our team is here for you and working hard to help your district or school get moving forward. Stay safe and happy holidays!