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How Forms Can Improve Parent-Teacher Conferences

It’s common knowledge that positive and ongoing communication between schools and parents helps to improve academic performance but it can be hard to achieve with the pace of life today. Schools and parents have no shortage of duties and obligations – just think of the challenges we’ve all had in the last year of schooling! It’s easy to see how hard it can be to align parents and schools even over periods of months. This is why it is paramount that when schools hold parent teacher conferences they take the proper steps to really make them useful. For some parents it might be the only opportunity to gain some real insight into their child’s experience firsthand — their school, their teachers, their curriculum, and their principals.

What are Parent Teacher Conferences About?

Most schools hold parent-teacher conferences once or twice a year around the time when progress is reported.They are typically scheduled some weeks in advance and set to last between 15 and 30 minutes. Often schools set aside specific dates and times for conferences but it can be the case if there are particular needs to be addressed that they must happen individually on a case-by-case basis. This can also necessary if a family schedule conflicts with the school schedule.

The main focus of parent-teacher conferences is a student’s learning and any factors that might be affecting it, such as the student’s social and behavioral development. Other topics might include achievements, attendance, standardized test results, 504 or individualized education plans, habits and motivation, classroom behavior and peer relationships, as well as students’ unique challenges or strengths. Conferences are not limited to just teachers, other school staff who support or interact with a student may also attend as well, including administrators. In some situations the student themselves may attend or be invited, to give their input or otherwise take part as a stakeholder in their own education.

How can forms get parent teacher conferences started on the right foot?

There are a lot of moving pieces behind parent teacher conferences and their success begins with communication that is clear but flexible. Digital forms allow for an organized and seamless means for informing parents, scheduling with parents, and making sure that the needs of the student, family, and the school are all addressed.

With digital forms the invitations can be sent directly to parents or guardians that are integrated with the system. Receipts ensure that the invitations are delivered, unlike paper invitations that can get lost or otherwise never make it to parents — which unfortunately can be the case at times when it’s something left to students. This also ensures that the burden of invitations on support staff is minimized as the process can be largely automated.

Digital forms can facilitate scheduling as well, with time slots that can be predefined and occupied on a first-come, first-served basis. They can also build in an option for alternative requests. The advantages are numerous really as schools will get feedback on potentials and possibilities unmediated and in real-time. It could be the case that the scheduled day doesn’t work for most parents and schools can have an opportunity to reschedule the entire affair before losing any time!

Digital forms can also assist parents and schools in establishing rapport by already communicating crucial information and any information in question. The forms can build in a two way flow of pertinent information or any gaps. This ensures that the in-person meeting makes the best use of time for both parties as well.

Communication is easily ongoing with digital forms. Even with simple follow ups this can go a long way in thanking a parent or guardian for their dedication, as often they need to make adjustments with work or hire babysitters just to make the conferences. It’s no small feat for some families and can greatly improve their relationship with the school community. It also means that if they have any ongoing questions or concerns there is a simple and direct way for them to get in touch with the school and the pertinent staff.

How can Script help your parent teacher conference forms?

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