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How to Make Learning Fun

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are celebrating teachers who go the extra mile to make learning fun for kids. You’ve likely seen the videos of math teachers rapping and teaching contractions with lego bricks or early childhood educators helping kids grasp principles of concentration and self-control with yoga Teachers are keeping kids engaged in learning with a variety of fun activities. Use these simple ideas to create your own lesson plans that inspire, encourage and motivate your students.

Music Makes Learning Fun

Because of budget cuts, several schools have eliminated or reduced the arts. You don’t have to be a musician or talented illustrator to bring the arts into your classroom. Here are some ways that you can mix things up with bringing the arts to your classroom.

  • Teach foreign languages and history with songs.
  • Improve the reading of early readers by having them read the words to their favorite songs.
  • Have young students draw flags to learn about different countries.
  • Give them a beat! Inspire students to write a rap about their summer or holiday vacation.
  • Teach memorization by having the kids finish the lyrics of popular songs.
  • You can also incorporate theatrical dance in reading to improve comprehension and retention.

Use Sports to Teach Math, Computers and Science

Upper elementary and middle school students are often fascinated with sports. Teach percentages by having students’ calculate players’ stats. Other ways to teach with sports include:

  • Have students collect sports data to determine who is the best player on their favorite team.
  • Take the kids to the gym or football field to practice and better understand measurements. They can measure the distance of the football field and the diameter of the basketball. Talk about the size of the basketball as it relates to the rim.
  • With high schoolers, create sports management teams. Give them a budget and have them recruit players for their team. They can also trade players to master their negotiation skills.
  • Have students make graphs and charts to support collected sports statistics and data.

Fun and Amazing Science Experiments

Kids learn better with hands-on activities. This is especially true with learning science concepts like density, oxidation, gravity, and the senses. There are several amazing science activities that you can do in your classroom. Some that are the most fun however are:

  • Creating invisible ink.
  • Underwater magic sand.
  • Make playdough or slime.
  • Learning a few magic tricks like the bill drop or disappearing water.
  • Making ice cream.

With projects like these, you’ll have fun teaching while the kids learn. Consider getting the parents involved by sharing these projects with them and suggesting some complimentary “at-home” activities.