How to Save $157,000 in One Year

Script can saves schools time and money by automatically distributing paperwork, but did you know those savings could mean tens of thousands of dollars for your school?

We know our customers love the software, but we wanted to dive into the numbers a bit with one of our customers and see how our software is impacting their business. We were absolutely blown away by the results we saw at Dayspring Academy, a school with just 40 teachers and 840 students. After interviewing their teachers and administrators, we found that Dayspring was saving $157,000 per year by using Script.

These cost savings were due to improving the efficiency of paperwork distribution and payment collection. Script also reduced the time required to organize a field trip by 98%. This was due to increasing parents’ response rate to 85% on the first pass and requiring less followup with the parents to get field trip authorization. 

Some numbers on Dayspring’s amazing increase in the efficiency:

  1. Reduced the amount of time it took to authorize and conduct a field trip by 97%
  2. Increased parents’ response rate to 85%
  3. Saved 45,000+ sheets of paper
  4. Reduced a 70-day process down to 2-days


Prior to implementing Script, Dayspring Academy was distributing more than 45,000 sheets of paper for the field trip permission slips and school notifications – almost 54 sheets of paper per student per year! The handouts were being sent home with students in their backpacks, which required teachers to pass them out each week. Each class at Dayspring Academy participated in 2-3 field trips per year. The typical field trip authorization process was approximately 10 weeks long per field trip.

Total Field Trip Process:

  • 4 weeks for approval
  • 1 week for printing and sending
  • 2-3 weeks for collection
  • 1 week for final follow up
  • 1 week for final headcount

10 weeks total time for each field trip

Staff Time Required for Field Trip Process Per Year

Not only was it a long process for Dayspring, but it also required the attention of numerous school employees. Approximately 1600 teacher hours (40 hours per teacher per year), 3300 administration hours (1.5 full-time positions), plus an additional 150 hours to distribute the flyers to the classes. 

  • 1,600 teacher hours = 40 hours per 40 teachers
  • 3,300 administrative hours = 1.5 full-time positions
  • 150 hours of distribution

Using the cost of labor for each of these positions, we can approximate a portion of the cost savings for facilitating the process. The 150 hours for distribution as well as the cost of the paper/printing will not be included in the cost analysis.

Cost-Savings Analysis

Numbers are important, especially when digging into cost savings. We wanted to make sure we laid it in an easy to follow way, so we’ve broken down the hours, salary, and time used for each position separately. We’ll show you exactly how we get $83,734 of those cost savings that Dayspring experienced.

Teacher Savings

The average teacher salary at Dayspring Academy is approximately $43,000 with 2200 hours worked annually. The hourly rate is $19.54 x 1600 hours consumed = $31,264. 

Average salary: $43,000
Hours worked annually: 2,200
Hourly Rate: ($43,000 / 2,200) = $19.54
Hours consumed: 1,600

Cost in Teacher labor: $19.54 x 1,600 = $31,264

Administrator Savings

The average school administrator salary at Dayspring Academy is approximately $35,000 with 2200 hours worked annually. The hourly rate is $15.90 x 3300 hours consumed = $52,470. 

Average salary: $35,000
Hours worked annually: 2,200 Hours
Hourly Rate: ($35,000 / 2,200) = $15.90
Hours consumed: 3,300

Cost in Administrator labor: $15.90 x 3,300 = $52,470

Total Cost in School Labor: $83,734

Human Error

Every business process experiences some degree of human error, it’s part of us all being human. Dayspring is no different and was losing around $6,000 per year from uncollected payments and $20,000 per year in miscalculations of processing fees. This is a total of $26,000 in lost revenue per year! 

Let’s recalculate the totals based upon the lost revenue:

Teacher costs: $31,264
Admin costs: $52,470
Lost revenue: $26,000

Total costs: $109,764 

In total, the annual cost of a paper-based paperwork distribution and payment collection for field trips was approximately $109,764.

There was also a benefit for Dayspring that we didn’t predict. Since the process had become so easy to use for parents, the school wasn’t having to chase down parents for payment anymore. Script is so convenient to parents that Dayspring has been able to collect an additional $48,000 in fees that would have otherwise been lost.

That gave Dayspring Academy a total benefit of $157,764!


Since implementing Script, Dayspring Academy saw a 98% reduction in the amount of time it took to facilitate and conduct a
field trip. Parent response rate on the first pass increased from 55% on paper to 85% when using Script.

Dayspring After Script

  • 97% reduction of time to facilitate and conduct a field trip
  • Parent response rates increased to 85% on the first pass
  • Saved over 45,000 sheets of paper
  • Reduced a 70 day process down to 2 days
  • Saved $187.81 per student

Script Made the Improbable Suddenly Possible

The best evidence of how well Script works is that it helped Dayspring ensure the students could enjoy the solar eclipse. School administrators were able to find solar eclipse glasses for the students to use at the last minute, which meant the school only had two days to distribute the permission slips and collect payment. Administrators sent the form to parents on Saturday, two days before the eclipse, and had over 85% authorization by Monday. Script enabled them to reduce what was previously a 10 week (70 days) process to a 2-day process on short notice. That is a 97% reduction in time to process and collect payment. 

When you’re used to slow and frustrating process of sending papers home, it’s hard to believe anything else is possible. Thankfully there is a much better way to do things. Don’t just take our word for it, schedule a demo and see for yourself!