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How Workflow Automation Fills Gaps During Remote Learning

During this difficult time where school schedule disruption is necessary, schools resort to remote learning. It is indeed a good idea to keep school-aged children and higher education students busy as they carry on with their learning while school is closed. But distance and remote education isn’t very easy to set up. If your school has switched to running a classroom digitally, it is normal to experience some setbacks. Change is hard for anyone when it occurs whether at home or work.

Given the sudden school closures, school personnel can only do so much. However, there are still a few things your team can do to fill the gaps during remote learning.

One of them is workflow automation.

What Is It

Workflow Automation is automating the series or sequence of actions in a process or workflow to simplify processes, boost productivity, and increase organizational efficiency.

What Can It Do

In the field of remote education, workflow automation can:

  • Help in distributing content for a course
  • Automatically enroll students in a course
  • Follow-up with enrolled students
  • Provide easy access homeroom information
  • Assist in enforcing academic prerequisites
  • Define order of activities and make specific learning activities and resources available at the right point of time
  • Expediting processes like applications for graduation, financial aid inquiries, class schedule approvals

Workflow automation also enhances the remote learning environment by:

  • Permitting students to learn at their own pace
  • Assisting in management of information and knowledge sharing
  • Accelerating cross-campus collaboration
  • Providing effective resource management
  • Integrating technologies to support various aspects of the study process
  • Supporting flexible learning pathways by integrating various learning activities on different subject modules

With workflow automation, you can offer the right tasks at the right point of time to the right student while also providing resources necessary to perform these tasks. Instructors no longer have to make all course materials available to the student at the beginning of the course nor provide activities repetitively as necessary; workflow functionality can do such task.

The Right Workflow Management Solution for Remote Learning

Script offers fully customizable tools to help your school digitize and automate any process. From sending notification emails and organizing documents for file sharing to online course registration and sending performance feedback, Script’s workflow automation builder can help.

Workflow automation can perform routine student interactions like compiling course feedback, and managing user access to courses so instructors can focus more on course development.

To see how quickly you can begin applying workflow automation in your remote learning processes, schedule a demo today.