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Innovate & Educate: Rising Education Leaders – Episode 10

Innovate & Educate

Listen to “E10 – PJ Caposey – Meridian CUSD 223” on Spreaker.

Episode Overview: Aaron chats with Superintendent PJ Caposey on the challenges of finishing the school year strong amid Covid-19. Hear PJ’s thoughts on how his district and overall community can constantly improve and set a culture for change.

This Episode’s Guest: PJ Caposey is a dynamic speaker and a transformational leader/educator. PJ began his career as an award-winning teacher in inner-city Chicago and has subsequently led significant change in each administrative position he has held. PJ led a small-town/rural school that was near the bottom of its county to win multiple national recognitions. PJ moved to Meridian CUSD 223 as superintendent and has turned it around, which lead to multiple national recognitions for various efforts.

PJ is a sought after keynote presenter, consultant, and provider of professional development. He has recently keynoted several national conferences and written 7 books and other content for sites such as ASCD, Edutopia, and the Huffington Post. He works in the Education Department of two universities and in a myriad of capacities with the Illinois Principal’s Association including Principal Coach and author of the first complete stack of MicroCredentials offered in Illinois.

Podcast overview: On our podcast, Innovate & Educate: Rising Education Leaders, we connect with educators to discuss some of the latest and hottest issues facing schools. Our guests are educators who are leading the way in innovation to help improve their schools. They are educators focused on bringing positive change to their districts. The guests are Tech Directors and School Superintendents who are on the forefront of innovation both inside and outside the classroom within their school.