Innovate & Educate: Rising Education Leaders – Episode 3

Innovate & Educate

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Episode Overview: Danny McDonald sits down with IT Director Jim Frye from Upper Sandusky EV Schools. They discuss the history of innovation in K12, how to collaborate with other districts, and taking innovative risks for big payoffs. Jim works a lot with Google Schools and Google Summits, so feel free to listen and learn something new!

This Episode’s Guest: Jim Frye, IT Director of Upper Sandusky EV Schools. Jim has worked for Upper Sandusky EV Schools for more than 28 years, of which he has worked as IT Director for more than 18 years.

Podcast overview: On our podcast, Innovate & Educate: Rising Education Leaders, we connect with educators to discuss some of the latest and hottest issues facing schools. Our guests are educators who are leading the way in innovation to help improve their schools. They are educators focused on bringing positive change to their districts. The guests are Tech Directors and School Superintendents who are on the forefront of innovation both inside and outside the classroom within their school.