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Innovate & Educate: Rising Education Leaders – Episode 8

Innovate & Educate

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Episode Overview: Casey talks with Kyle Calderwood from Tuckerton Elementary School about how he is using Virtual Reality in the classroom, how to get started, and things to watch out for.

This Episode’s Guest: Kyle Calderwood is the Technology Coordinator at Tuckerton Elementary School in Waretown, NJ. Tuckerton Elementary School has a student population of 300 children housed in the PreK-6 educational facility. Each class is taught by a grade level teacher in a self-contained unit supported by a staff of special teachers for art, music, physical education, special needs, world language, media, and technology.

Kyle Calderwood has a B.A. in Communications from Stockton University and a Masters Degree from Stockton University.

Podcast overview: On our podcast, Innovate & Educate: Rising Education Leaders, we connect with educators to discuss some of the latest and hottest issues facing schools. Our guests are educators who are leading the way in innovation to help improve their schools. They are educators focused on bringing positive change to their districts. The guests are Tech Directors and School Superintendents who are on the forefront of innovation both inside and outside the classroom within their school.