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New Partnership Program for School Organizations

One silver lining in the chaos of the last year has been the sincere thanks and appreciation of so many schools and districts. We always planned to help schools increase productivity, cut down on wasted time and resources, and communicate quickly and clearly but we had no idea our product would become fundamental so quickly. Over the last few months we’ve published stories about customers around the country — from Michigan to Kentucky to Georgia, just to name some of most recent — about how our product has helped them to navigate the curveballs and challenges of Covid-19. We are 100% dedicated to continuing this success and want to bring Script to even more schools and districts in need of support.

That is why we are thrilled to announce our Partnership Program for school organizations!

What is Script?

Script is a one-stop product suite that allows schools and districts to digitize their paperwork, automate workflows, and access data exactly when they need it. Script is the best way for schools to spend less time doing paperwork and more time teaching. Among many possible solutions Script can:

  • Digitize current paperwork
  • Automate school forms and processes
  • Create teams to stay organized
  • Record and exchange E-Signatures
  • Keep one location for all approvals and forms
  • Gain insights into department bottlenecks

Script provides deep customization and the team here is constantly improving and broadening its application. OR codes, parent-teacher conferences, you name it Script can make it better. In short, Script supports increased productivity, security, and safety while lowering paper and other costs.

Why Partner With Us?

We at Script know that many school organizations share a mission of improving efficiency and the quality of service for their members. We have a demonstrated capability and willingness to support that mission. Our product was built from the ground up by education leaders and IT professionals to do just that. Clients like our customer support too!

School organizations have a reach and scale that would facilitate the introduction of Script to many new schools and districts. We understand the value of the familiarity and trust between organizations and their members. This way we can offer specialized pricing and distribution to any organization that wishes to provide Script service to its members. It’s without a doubt an opportunity that is mutually beneficial. Script is dedicated to ensuring that schools are able to apply their resources in the most efficient manner possible, which is why we are committed to helping partner with groups that would benefit the most from our capabilities.

Get in Touch

Interested in efficiency? We thought so, and that is already one thing we have in common. Well the clock is ticking — Contact Us or your representative to explore the possibilities of a partnership for your organization. See how we can work together to assist your members in improving their school processes.