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Product Training and Why It’s Important

Have you ever purchased a product only to end up with buyer’s remorse because it’s too difficult to use? Everyone has! It ruins the fun of your shiny new product and may even discourage you from using it again in the future. The most frustrating part is you are left researching ways to better understand the product to make up for it. Google or YouTube become your new best friends to make up for the lack of instructions provided by the seller. This is a common issue that most consumers face, and one that can completely frustrate even the most patient person.

This is why it’s absolutely important to research whether the product you’re buying comes with free training, or if training is even offered by the company. No one wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a product that ends up collecting dust.

What are some of the benefits of free product training?


Learning all the features

Being able to get the most of the new product you just purchased for your school forms is extremely important – especially since you paid for all of the features! Products that have great depth of features are especially important to get training for since it’s nearly impossible to learn them all on your own. One on one or group training can help fill the voids of knowledge you may have from just learning how to use a product on your own.

Learn Shortcuts

Trainers usually are very familiar with a product that they know the shortest way of doing specific tasks with the software. Think of all the training they went through and all the demos they have given – they know the product inside and out. Learning all the little tricks from them will them train you will help save you time to be able to get more work done.

Training the trainer

Training is especially useful if you are in charge of training an internal team. This will ensure the smoothest transition for your school to a new product because it means you will understand the product inside and out. The better prepared you are for any questions you may get from your team, the better!

Ensures Quicker Adoption

People generally are more willing to use a new product if they feel confident in how to use it the best way possible. They won’t be scared to use it in opportunities that would benefit from switching to the new software, and will not feel frustrated from using it incorrectly. Training can help speed up the product roll out because your team will feel confident in their abilities to use it.

Reduce Errors

By receiving product training and ensuring that your team is prepared will in turn lead to fewer mistakes. Everyone gets discouraged if they keep making errors while using a product that is supposed to make using school forms even easier. Receiving training will ensure your team feels prepared to tackle any issues that popup and keep the momentum they gained from the kickoff meeting.

The Script Difference

This is exactly why we offer product training to our customers – we believe in the benefits your team will gain from the experience. Your school forms and other workflows should be easier to use. Thats why our training is customized to each of our customer’s needs to provide maximum benefit. We also offer ongoing product education classes to ensure your team gets the most out of our software. We stand by our product and our customers – we are in this together!

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