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Re-allocate Your Budget to Automate Your Processes

budget re-allocation

It’s no secret that Education funding is more often than not insufficient to cover the cost allocated in district budgets. Indeed, the rising costs of K-12 technical resources alone oftentimes prohibit the advancement of utilizing a district-wide platform that will actually pay for itself. Still, as K-12 education moves more and more into the Digital Age, it make sense for K-12 districts to consider rearranging their assets to better meet the changing needs of the not so distant future of education delivery.

This is where Scripts Business Process Management comes into play. Not only does the Scripts software pay for itself, (and in some cases cover the critical difference left by the funding gap), but it will actually improve the efficiency of district operations, and save money in the long run!  Remember, Scripts is fully customizable; it can improve the larger operations, as well as the small tasks. Consider the functional and operational resources Scripts Business Process Management provides:

Reduce Inventory / Third-Party Costs

Scripts can drastically reduce costs by eliminating defunct equipment, and third-party cost such as:

  • Photocopiers
  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Cables
  • Room Allocations
  • Electricity Costs
  • Postage
  • Cloud Storage, DocuSign, Document Repository costs, etc.

Scripts Document Management System (DMS)

An additional cost-saving Scripts feature is its Document Management System. The DMS feature provides metrics on every activity that takes place on a form, and can be configured to:

  • Search an entire library of files by individual keyword
  • Restrict access to certain documents
  • Monitor who is viewing documents and when
  • Track edits to documents
  • Retrieve previous versions of edited documents
  • Control and regulate when outdated documents can be deleted
  • Access, edit and share documents via mobile devices.
  • Detect and identify repetitive human errors

The DMS pays for itself by embedding consistency, efficiency, and timeliness into the many document processes systems used every day by a K-12 school district. The time saved solely by automated tasks can be utilized by each school to address non-administrative needs, leading to more classroom time for students and increased levels of achievement.

Cloud and Cutting-edge Web Security

An additional cost-saving feature is Scripts backs up K-12 school district data to the Cloud using an extremely secure 256 bit, end-to-end (E2EE) encryption, the most secure file transfer protocol currently available. K-12 users can rest assured their data is well protected. Rather than pay a third-party to monitor, store and secure school data, Scripts delivers the most secure protection to all your documents.

Mines and Analyzes Data and Metrics

Scripts BPM automatically collects data and metrics which can be implemented to identify and remove unnecessary steps and processes that lead to slowdowns and allow upper-level management to concentrate on strategy and organization (BPM) without worrying about specific deadlines.

Perhaps the most impactful capacity of the Scripts BPM collection of data/metrics is that it is district-wide customizable to the needs of each school district. Scripts data collection functionality includes, but is not limited to:

  • tracking progress
  • assessing performance
  • generating custom reports
  • keeping records of previous processes
  • creating repeatable processes
  • viewing reports on the app or downloaded to a reconcilable CSV such as Excel, and more.

While adding new technology can sometimes be a large investment, a deeper consideration easily illustrates the many benefits and opportunities to eliminate old systems that rack up costs and create inefficacy, and re-allocate funding in order to synthesize operations and realize the benefits of implementing one district-wide system.


Want to learn more about how Script can allow you to re-allocate your existing budget and automate all of your school district’s processes? Visit to book a demo today and see how we can help!