Script Is Officially Best in the World at Making Paper Fly!

You’ve already known for a while now that Script is amazing at processing paperwork for schools…. We helped a single school save more than $157,000 by using our software platform, and also saved others resources, time, and money. We’ve even given out some great ideas for all of that paper that’s saved by clients using Script.

But I bet you didn’t know we are WORLD Champions! 

That’s right, we have some more great news we want to share. Not only do we make paperwork fly here at Script but we are actually the best in the world at it — officially!

That’s right, we at Script are the official, verified Guinness World Record holders for most paper airplanes flown and caught by a team. It is very much a thing and we have done it. Check it out!

There you have it — twenty three paper airplanes successfully thrown and caught within one minute. The amazing feat was achieved on February 26, 2020 by 8 of our team members Aaron White, Patrick Cahill, Daniel Greco, John Nichols, Casey Finestone, Brenton Basinger, Kevin Mercier, and Amy Casebolt.

Aaron said “I was a little concerned in the beginning, but once we got going we were in the zone. It was almost like we were on autopilot.”

Pat chimed in “Victory is bittersweet. Glory is forever.”

Dan didn’t offer a quote but simply flexed both biceps.

Passion for making paper fly is in our DNA

We are passionate about our project here at Script and we thought that joining the renown ranks of one of the world’s most recognizable brands would be one more great way to showcase our dedication. Plus we’d be able to say to friends, family, clients, and competitors that we officially are the world’s best at making paper fly. Signed, sealed, and delivered.

Even before the milestone, though, schools across the country could already attest to Script’s abilities to make paperwork fly. They have been using Script to digitize paperwork, automate processes and forms, structure and organize teams, exchange and record e-signatures, and centralize forms and approvals. And in these times especially it’s proven usefulness again and again.

Now that we’re world champions, what are we going to do?

Since the team here at Script is now the champion of moving paper, we will continue to improve our product to make you the best in the world at moving paper too! We are constantly improving Script and adding features, so make sure you follow our social media to see what comes next. And if you’re interested in improving your school or districts paperwork practices, reach out to us anytime.


Here’s to us sharing our expertise and helping you become champions of moving paper at your school in 2021!