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Script’s Ultimate Guide to Remote School District Administration

The education community was turned upside-down back in March when the COVID-19 pandemic forced almost all staff and faculty to adapt to the new remote work environment. Until recently, school districts have been running on paper-based processes that only work when everyone involved from teachers to administrators are in the office. This would explain why the education industry in particular has had a much more difficult time adapting to the remote working environment than many organizations in the private sector that have been slowly implementing remote solutions for years.

It has never been clearer that in order to achieve success moving forward, educators must begin to consider applying similar solutions into their school district’s administration. Over the past couple of years, we have helped hundreds of school districts across the country implement solutions that have allowed them to automate many of their district-wide processes and increase efficiency across their schools. Although this may seem overwhelming, with the right mindset and guidance any district can take concrete steps toward an effective solution that will allow them to achieve success when working remotely, and getting started may be easier than you think. Follow along for our complete guide to remote school district administration and learn how you can set your district up for success in the 2020-2021 school year.

Take a Look at Your Most Important Processes

If you are a school administrator, it is likely that over the past couple of months you and your team have been taking a look at some of your district’s most important processes and discussing ideas about how to carry them out effectively when working remotely. If your district has been operating on mostly paper-based processes, the shift to the remote working environment was likely pretty difficult. Without the physical paperwork on hand, it can be difficult to ensure that employees have access to the appropriate information needed to complete their job functions. And even if the information is available, distributing physical forms across the multiple approval levels necessary for completing multi-step processes can be a nightmare when there is no one in the district office to receive and distribute the physical forms to the appropriate parties.

Identify Simple Solutions That Can be Implemented Immediately

Once you’ve identified your district’s most important processes and understand how they operate, you can begin creating a system for completing these processes remotely. For example, instead of storing all of your information on paper forms, transitioning to a simple cloud-based document storage and management system like Google Drive  or Dropbox will not only keep your records safer, but will ensure that employees district wide have access to the proper information necessary for completing their duties effectively and efficiently.

If the change to the remote work environment has caused a bit of a communication gap tools like Slack, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams may be able to help your district administrators communicate quicker and more effectively than more traditional methods of office communication. Furthermore, this will ensure that all communication relating to your district’s processes is consolidated onto one platform, reducing confusion and increasing organization.

Automate Your School with Script

There are an endless number of small steps your school district can take to better equip your administrators for the remote working environment. However, without a comprehensive district automation tool it is likely that you will find gaps between every solution. For years Script has been helping hundreds of school districts across the country automate their processes to allow employees to work from anywhere while achieving the same level of performance possible in the district office. Take a look at some of the solutions we have been developing to help schools nationwide succeed during the 2020-2021 school year.

Sophisticated Document Management 

Script allows school districts to create digital forms that can be created, filled out, distributed, and signed completely remotely using our electronic document management system. The best part is, you can use the same forms your district administrators are using right now! Our form builder is totally customizable giving you complete control over what information is collected and made available (or unavailable) to all of your administrators.

Check out our free form gallery to see some of the forms we have helped other school districts digitize!

Safety and Security

Script’s electronic document management system provides your school district’s records with a world class 256-bit end to end encryption, the same technology used by most major healthcare systems, financial institutions and even the US military. This gives school administrators like yourself confident that when your team is working remotely, all of your information is kept safe and sound, allowing you to focus on activities that contribute to your district’s most important projects. 

Electronic Signatures

Providing signatures on documents and forms has been a challenge when working remotely. With Script, employees district wide can take advantage of unlimited e-signatures, meaning that all of your most important processes can be validated by the proper administrator in seconds from anywhere in the world. Not only to e-signatures provide the same legally binding signature as a traditional pen and paper, they actually provide administrators with a greater line of sight into when the document(s) was signed, where it was signed, and who it was signed by, therefore reducing liability and increasing compliance.

COVID-19 Back to School Solutions

Given the particular set of challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced school administrators to face over the past couple of months and the months to come, we have decided to create a collection of solutions with the specific aim of aiding school districts in opening as safely as possible for the new school year. Script’s COVID-19 packages gives district administrators access to tools such as symptoms screenings, remote working and learning agreements for your faculty and students, and community impact surveys, along with a suite of analytical tools that can provide you with the right information necessary in making some of your most important district-wide decisions moving forward. 

Fully Automate your Administrative Processes

Once you’ve created digital forms, it’s time to fully automate all of your district’s processes. With Script, district administrators can create, contribute to, and analyze each district process, not only giving you the ability to successfully carry them out from anywhere in the world, but also providing valuable information that will allow you to make continuous improvements across your district.

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the start of the new school year, there has never been a better time to seek out solutions to problems both old and new. At Script, we act as trusted advisors to school administrators and the entire education community above all else. So, give us a call or schedule a demo with us today to talk about how we can help you and your district succeed this school year!