Small or Large, Every District Can Improve



If you work within a smaller school district, you may think that automating your district processes is a waste of time. After all, isn’t process automation only for large districts with many different buildings and offices across an entire city and county? Not necessarily. No matter how small or large your district happens to be, everyone can improve a number of areas throughout their district using process automation. Let’s take a look at a few ways even small districts can use Script to improve.

Improve Communication:

Automating workflow simplifies the process for all involved and creates efficient communication between all parties.  For example, if your district plans a field trip for students, the teacher will set a workflow that sends a request to the principal, and if approved, be sent on to the superintendent or another administrator, then sent back in a timely manner, giving the teacher ample time to then send out to parents. Parents can then send their child’s permission slips and anything else the teacher requests.  Now, all parties have all of the information at their fingertips!

Collecting and Analyzing Important Data:

The process of data collection and reporting enables school districts to pinpoint specific functional, operational, or management practices that are not being used or are used incorrectly or simply need to be adjusted.

Scripts data collection functionality includes, but is not limited to:

  • tracking progress
  • assessing performance
  • generating custom reports
  • keeping records of previous processes
  • creating repeatable processes
  • viewing reports on the app or downloaded to a reconcilable CSV such as Excel, and more.

Payment Processing:

Even if your district is smaller than most, it is safe to say that you collect payments from parents and students for activities such as before and after care, clubs, sports, and field trips. Instead of parents having to send little Johnny or Jane back and forth to school with a check or cash, parents can sign and pay for these activities directly either online or by using our mobile app. Not only does this ensure that your district will receive the money, but the custom reports we just talked about above will compare what your district is owed against what you have collected.

These are only a few of the things that Script can offer to allow your school district, small or large, to have a better line of sight into all of your processes and focus on areas of continuous improvement. Want to learn more about how Script can automate all of your school district’s processes? Visit to book a demo today and see how we can help!