Top 5 Tools that are a Teachers Best Friend


Teachers need all the help they can get, am I right? Thank the sweet baby Jesus for technology’s acknowledgment of our strife and all of the wonderful apps and tools it has provided for us.  When we have an overwhelming amount of work staring us in the face, it’s reassuring to know that there is help just a few clicks or swipes away. Let me introduce you to your new best friends:

Do you ever start to hyperventilate on Sunday nights when you start to think of the week ahead?  Do you kick yourself for not planning your lessons sooner?  Do you know you need to change up your lesson plan but aren’t sure how?  Go check out Better Lesson.  The site is very user-friendly, and it has an abundance of plans for all grade levels and disciplines.  You can search a specific topic or just browse the most popular options.  The site also shows you how the lessons align with Common Core Standards. Win!

This has been a game changer.  My classroom is virtually all online now, which is wonderful because that means I am not lugging work home to grade. It means I can have contact with students even when they aren’t sitting in my room, and parents can access my classroom site and have full access to all assignments and due dates. By using Google apps, you can also post bell ringers, tickets out the door, and even tests and quizzes right to the site and have the data written up for you and delivered to your inbox.  Besides being convenient, it’s also great to have a buffer for when parents say they weren’t aware of an assignment or test because you can always refer them to the site.

Ugh, field trip preparation is such a nightmare, right?  Not anymore!  Woo!  Let me introduce you to Script–an app that will basically be your personal assistant when it comes to planning and organizing a class trip.  It manages money, permission slips, trip alerts, and more.  It eliminates the chance of losing forms or other paperwork that you will need to you.  It keeps everything in one nice little place, available to you whenever you need it. My favorite perk of the app is that I can bypass sending information home with kids or even sending it to a parent’s email that is never checked.  By using the app and making sure you are connected with all parents and guardians, you can be assured that everyone has all the information they need for your class adventures.

This is my go-to if we have time left at the end of a lesson or if I just want to give the kids a fun activity to do together.  It’s free, and it’s easy.  Make an account and then have your students log in on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and add the game pin number.  You can use games that have already been made, or you can make your own!  It’s my favorite way to review material before a test, and the kids actually ask to play!

Pronounced “new sela” and not “news ELA” like I called it for years, this website is wonderful for all ages and content areas. The site hosts a plethora of non-fiction articles that have been re-written for student consumption and are available at multiple lexile levels. The article topics range from current events to opinion pieces and include almost any subject you can think of. The articles are also accompanied by multiple choice quizzes and answer sheets. If your school purchases the Pro version, teachers are able to create classrooms and the website individualizes articles at the desired reading level for each student based on their performance.

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This article is written by Lauren Bubb, an English Teacher at Frankfort-Schuyler Central Schools

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