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Top Five Signs Your School District is Drowning in Paper

Drowning in paperwork

No matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to go completely paperless in any school district. Even with technology giving us the ability to store data and transfer information, you will always have to contend with paper.

But How Much is Too Much?

Most school districts have set a goal of reducing paper usage. Oftentimes this is to improve efficiency and interoffice communication. Many districts also have a “green initiative” that seeks to decrease its carbon print and help the environment. One major part of going green is to cut down on the use of paper.

1) You’re Recycling Lots of Paper

Want to know whether your district is drowning in paper? The proof is in the paper recycle bin. Is your recycle bin overflowing with paper? If so, you are wasting lots of paper and can implement changes in procedures that can keep this bin more empty.

2) Employees are Making Lots of Copies

Look around the office, how often is someone making copies? In most districts, the hindrance to going paperless is the staff. Many employees prefer to do things the way they’ve always been done. Therefore, the administration will have to do its best to try and get everyone on board. You can also make the transition easier by encouraging and training staff to use the scanner function.

3) You Still Have Stacks of Mail To Sort Through Daily

Stacks of mail filled with paperwork can have your office drowning in paper. From junk mail to bills, you can greatly minimize the paper in your office by enrolling in paperless billing or writing to request to be taken off of lists for unwanted catalogs and other types of solicitation.

4) Spending Lots of Time Searching Through File Cabinets

Similarly, if you’re making great strides to become paperless (or close to it), you should actually be downsizing your file room. Therefore, if your employees are always having to run to the storage room for files, you just have too much paper. In lieu of keeping papers around in file cabinets, consider moving to an e-file system. This will make it easier to find and even share files within the district.

5) Paper Is Eating Up Your Budget

Your plans might include cutting back on paper usage, but the truth is in the amount of paper your office is actually purchasing. If you’re ordering more paper in your district than you did in the past, you might be drowning in paper and need to put some of the above advice into practice.


Go over these five signs to see how you fare. If you’re drowning in paper, remember there are things you can do to reduce it greatly. Do an assessment then review your procedures to see where you can improve.