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Trending: Processes and Forms Our Customers Love to Streamline

As Script has grown over the years, our customers have been finding new and exciting ways to use our platform to benefit their schools. As you can guess, countless schools have many of the same procedures regardless of size. We thought it would be fun and informative to our readers to create a list of the ways in which schools are using Script. The forms/processes listed below are a mix of processes that have been used quite a bit as well as some that are trending. Take a look at the list and see how Script is transforming education one school, and process, at a time!

Enrollment Forms and First Day Packets

As you can imagine, keeping track of hundreds or thousands of enrollment forms can be a huge undertaking for schools. Our customers have been using Script to help cut down on this mountain of paper and streamline to an electronic enrollment form. Not only are they saving paper, but the information they are collecting is now searchable by switching to Script. Schools are also taking this opportunity to distribute first day packets filled with important information about what to expect for their child over the coming school year.

School of Choice and Open Enrollment Forms

Trying to match every student with their top school preferences can also be a massive project for school districts. Forms have to be distributed, collected, and sorted to be manually processed and or input. Script can remove all of the movement, guesswork, and waste with an entirely digital solution. Our customers have been using Script to take care of school choice digitally, with the matching and math done by the software automatically. Piece of cake.

Field Trip Request Forms

Script has been especially useful for customers who want oversight on matters of health and safety. Digital forms which include details on the personnel, students, locations, transportation, nursing and medical needs, as well as approval status are indexed and located with ease. Admins are thrilled with the accountability Script brings here while staff love the ability to seamlessly generate request forms and send them to the proper recipients.

Technology Use Agreements

When Covid-19 hit a lot of customers had to move fast to transition to remote and distance options. Script was helpful in ensuring that student bodies and faculties were accounted for with school issued equipment and aware of appropriate use policies. There was no need for people to run around and administrators and IT staff had all the necessary information at their fingertips. This kept the learning gap as small as possible and, as long as users follow their guidelines, will prolong the life of digital equipment down the line.

Consent Forms for Early Childhood Education and Special Education

There are so many laws and regulations related to education that there are lawyers and legal scholars that specialize in it. School staff and personnel want to do their utmost to follow requirements and regulations correctly but keeping track of paperwork and forms can be burdensome and leaves open too much potential for error. Script customers have been more than happy with the accountability that electronic forms and digital management provide.

New Hire Recommendations

Customers have also found Script useful in paperless hiring practices. New hire recommendations can be sent out securely, completed, and returned with HR and administrators able to see it all the way through. New staff are vetted and in their roles faster than ever. The recommendations also remain indefinitely and can play a role in any employee review and they can be useful in reviews in the future when the employee or employer wants to evaluate growth.

Employee Contracts

Likewise, contracts have been streamlined with Script. This is useful with new staff but also whenever there are re-negotiations, which happens often enough with schools (we work with enough to know) that any time and effort saving is useful. Forms and paperwork for all types of staff can be created from templates, made to match current forms, or created from scratch.

Purchase Order Requests

How many? How much? What is it again? Like Field Trip forms these are beloved by staff that can conjure them and send them off for approval with ease. Customers have been using Script to automate and process their ordering. Like with other Script solutions it can be monitored along the way and remains traceable at all times.

Daily COVID and Health Screening Forms

This is something that always deserved attention but with headlines about transmission and contact tracing daily there is no doubt the importance is now known. Customers have been using Script to automate and simplify their collection and analysis of health information. Students and staff are safer with accountable schools that have the relevant data at their fingertips. And parents are happier, did we mention that?


Paperless, better, faster, seamless. Just like you’ve always dreamed of 🙂