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Why Script is Better Than That Google Form You’re Using..

Undoubtedly when a school or district first looks into digitizing forms and organizing information better Google Forms will be suggested. Some staff members may be familiar with it and maybe it was even used for faculty surveys at some point. GMail and G Suite are ubiquitous, it’s really a natural suggestion. Google’s data collection solution has been offered since 2008 when it debuted with sheets and even Microsoft began offering their own form builder with Office 365 in 2016. In this sense both are very known and accessible, but as one shoe fits all platforms for collecting information they can fall short for school and district purposes. Script, built from the ground up for education, is much more robust and accessible. Let’s look at the advantages in detail.

#1 Script Requires No Expertise

Google Forms starts from scratch, someone has to actually build the necessary forms. This means schools or districts will likely need a team of dedicated experts to deal with Google Forms and try to make it work with their systems and needs. This is no small undertaking, and it might be quite a lot of time and money. Our team at Script has already done this legwork, successfully and proven. And if there’s any customization needed Script can do that too.

#2 Script is Smart

Google Forms is not great at conditional logic. What this means is that forms look much less professional there is really little potential for automation. Schools and districts might be able to collect information much quicker than with pens and paper (and after spending a lot of time building even the first form) but that’s about it. Script offers an entire system for workflow automation, with smart forms and integrations that will actually free up hands, eyes, and minds from paperwork. Isn’t that grand?

#3 Script Can Actually Support You

Have you ever spoken to someone at Google customer support? That’s what we thought. It’s great when it works but the second anything goes wrong you are really out of luck. Even searching on Google you’ll find countless requests and forum posts related to troubleshooting. You will see that some well-meaning internet denizens try to offer solutions but Google customer support will be strangely absent. With Script, on the other hand, you have an entire team familiar with both the product and its usage in education.

#4 Script Doesn’t Limit or Constrain

Schools deal with a lot of different systems and software, each for specific purposes or needs. Bridging all of this can be a challenge, and if Google Forms is used, might not actually be possible. Since Google Forms is general purpose it’s not built for compatibility with school systems. IT staff will be tied up with fitting digital square pegs in round holes and the results might be messy. Google Forms also has some hard limits in image sizes, text, and store. Script, on the other hand, has school systems in mind and is constantly building on potentials and possibilities.

#5 Script is Secure

There are a lot of issues that come up with the actual distribution of Google Forms. Some designs will require that respondents have a Google Account. Sensitive Data can end up being mined by Google. Google Forms has a history of phishing. The list goes on. With Script information is secure, privacy is prioritized, and there is no need to have a Google Account. Script let’s schools and districts keep much more control over the data.

#6 Script Integrates

Script has solutions for everything from Student Services, Administration, and technology to HR, operations, and transportation. Any data that schools collect or forms that schools use can be integrated together and the complex paper processes that schools depend on seamlessly simplified. Any data collected can be used in other reports, unlike with Google Forms which isn’t built for school integration.


Sometimes one shoe doesn’t fit everyone. Same goes with hats. Same goes with software. Google Forms is available alright, but it might mean a lot of headaches with a whole new set of work added on to the paperwork. Get to the things that matter, get passed paperwork, get Script.