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Back to School Success Tips

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It’s that time of year again.  “Back to School” sales are everywhere you look, and your mind is starting to race with everything you have to do before September hits.  Take a deep breath, remind yourself of what a rock star teacher you are, and let’s run through this list of back to school success tips together!

Attention Teachers!


1. Get Inspired

One of the most necessary reasons why teachers have a summer break is so they can take some time to reset and come back fresh, rejuvenated, and excited for a new school year.  Browse Pinterest for ideas, check out teacherspayteachers, and get amped for your new lesson plans!

2. Tidy Up and Make Your Room Inviting

Get in your room in the weeks before your students arrive to make sure all the counters are wiped down, the desks are where you want them, your pencil box is filled, and your desk is organized.  Doing this now will make the first few days a lot less stressful.  This also is a way to take inventory of what you have and what you still need to procure.

Also, new school years mean new students, open houses, and fresh starts. Hang signs inviting your students back from their summer, make name tags for their desks, upgrade your bulletin boards and anchor charts, and maybe even attempt one of those organization ideas you have had on your Pinterest board for years.

3. Reflect

Think back on what worked and didn’t work last year.  Make a list of things that you definitely want to do in the classroom again, as well as what you need to revamp. During this step I also like to jot down ideas that maybe I didn’t get to the previous year because of time or other limitations.

5. Collaborate

Before your co-teachers have their curriculums all set up, approach other teachers about collaborative projects or units.  Schools are really pushing the idea of project based learning and cross-curricular work, so get a head start when your mind is still fresh and eager.

Attention Parents!

Back to school isn’t just about teachers and students—we see you! Depending on your student’s age and needs, check through our list to make sure your student is ready for a successful and seamless year.

Mother daughter school

1. New School

Is your child entering a new school district because of a recent move or a grade transition?  Call the school and request a tour, or at least walk your student through the halls in order to point out their class locations. This will make first day jitters a lot less jittery.

2. Supplies, Supplies, Supplies

Most teachers will issue a supply list, but if you are without one try calling the school and ask.  Younger students usually need more, while high school students’ supplies are typically more expensive.  Remember that teachers only ask for what their students need that they can’t provide, so try to get everything on the list to ensure your student has a successful start to the new year.

3. Get Familiar

Teachers may send home letters or supply lists during the summer months, so make sure you familiarize yourself with what the teacher expects.  Also, check your email because teachers may be contacting and informing you that way.  Maybe your child’s teacher uses an app or an online platform to share grades, instruction, and announcements; you’re going to want to know how to access that! Plus, it never hurts to build rapport with your child’s teacher, no matter how early.

Happy New School Year!


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This article is written by Lauren Bubb, an English Teacher at Frankfort-Schuyler Central Schools
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