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How an Online Permission Slip Can Improve Parent Cooperation

online permission slip

Wouldn’t it be nice if every student remembered to take important documents home to their parents? Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

An online permission slip, on the other hand, can take that responsibility out of the hands of the students and make it more convenient and streamlined for everyone.

Check out how a paperless school permission slip will be a benefit.

Save Time

Teachers and administrators spend their entire day working, grading papers, coaching extracurricular activities, and trying to balance family time. When an event or trip requires permission slips, this can become another burden added on to their already full day/weekend.

Teachers have to type up the slip, print them out, cut them up (to save paper!), and distribute them to all of their students. For the next few days or weeks, teachers are then tasked with pushing their kids to return the slips signed.

Parents and guardians also face the daunting responsibility of getting their kids to hand over the paperwork on time. Often times, students will either forget or give the permission slips back after the deadline has passed.

Online permission slips eliminate the teachers have to beg their students to turn in their paperwork. It goes straight to the parents or guardians, and teachers can create, edit, and send from their computer or phone instead of worrying about all of the cutting and printing that goes along with paper permission slips.

The Online Permission Slip Saves Money

Public and private school districts all face budget constraints or cuts. With over 40% of school waste being paper, changing to an online format has financial benefits too.

Some districts even have set printing budgets for each teacher or department. That money shouldn’t have to be spent printing out a bunch of permission slips.

Don’t forget that mass printing takes a toll on the machines, too. Maintenance and service may cost a district additional money.

Reducing cost and waste saves both money and the environment by using online school forms.


Parents and teachers alike have very busy schedules and no one should have to stress over a permission slip.

Just send over an online document that can be signed and sent back from the convenience of a phone or tablet. You will find that the return rate and speed of return will increase significantly!

Don’t forget that paying online also eliminates the need for money to exchange between too many hands. This, of course, helps avoid lost or stolen cash or checks with students too.

Mass texts with links to a document to be signed have an open rate of 99%, so you know it’s being seen.

Almost everyone has a phone and internet access. Online permission slips are a great way of keeping the family engaged with the academic lives of their children. As time goes on, more information can be passed via online school forms.

By using these digital tools, you’re setting a great example for the parents to also learn and adjust to emerging technology.

Go Paperless

Your school district can benefit from the cost savings and convenience of an online permission slip.

Don’t spend your time and energy pushing students to turn in money and paper forms anymore.

If you’re ready to go paperless, contact us about different solutions.