Quick Guide on going Paperless

Paperless School

Paperless School

We all wish we could just get rid of the stacks of paper and finally free up our desks and cabinets, right? Paper in schools is overwhelming, in between the forms sent home, the paperwork required for internal documentation, to the flyers about events within the school. There’s gotta be a way to cut down on all this unnecessary paper, right? You’re in luck, there are now options to help take your school from paper-based school to a paperless school.

Depending on how deep you want to dive into going paperless, there are many different ways you can approach this goal. You can replace paper forms with electronic forms to go paperless, or you can take it a step further and replace ALL paperwork with paperless solutions.

What are the benefits of becoming a paperless school? The biggest benefits to your school going paperless is becoming more efficient. Going paperless means no more paperwork taking up space in your offices, no more cluttering up your mailboxes, no more lost papers. The electronic versions of all your documents are living on the cloud where they will always be available to you are your staff. That means your staff can always find the information they are looking for, whether it is a form from last week or last year. Additionally, when forms are submitted they are immediately available to the next person in the queue. No more transit time between staff or offices, notifications are sent directly to the next person in line.

Where can I find a product to help my school become a paperless school? Script created a platform to help schools like yours transform into paperless schools. We took years of our own experience working within school systems to create a platform that provides schools with the flexibility to meet any school’s needs. Our platform enables you to import any form you use internally or to use any of our internal forms to ensure you are going paperless as efficiently as possible.

How does the Script platform take my school paperless? Once you have signed up for your account, it’s a very easy process to get your paper forms imported into Script. Just select the form you wish to use, such as requisition form, and set up your workflow of who approves or fill in which part of the form. It’s THAT easy. No more stacks of paper on your desk. No trying to read illegible handwriting. No trying to find that one student’s missing form you swear you just had right in front of you. ALL your forms are now encrypted and stored online with digital signatures in place so you have peace of mind.

The electronic format also enables analytics of your departments or schools. Find out which school has the highest incidence rate, which departments are dragging their feet, and where the bottlenecks in your schools are.

With Script you can stop the guessing games, and have the information you need at your fingertips.

Contact us today to learn more about Script or set up a demo to see how we can start saving paper and make your job easier!