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Fun Ways to Celebrate the End of the School Year From Home

The year 2020 will be recorded in the history books as an unprecedented year in education. The majority of schools have been closed since early March because of the coronavirus. As a result, many parents have had to learn to become teachers and teachers are now virtual educators.  This all came about suddenly so the kids and teachers never had a chance to say goodbye.

Each year students say goodbye to their teacher and classmates with an end of the year party.  This year, however, that is not possible in most school districts with the schools being closed for the rest of the year. Although many teachers may plan a Zoom or Google Meets party, it still won’t be the same.

Help your child end their school year with a big celebration. Although it may be more of a challenge with restaurants, movie theaters and shopping malls being closed, with a little creativity, you can give your kids a memorable end of the school year experience.

End of the School Year Awards Ceremony

Have an awards ceremony at the house. Celebrate your kids by recognizing their accomplishments and what makes them special. Award them for improving in a subject, being a dedicated athlete or the best science student in the household. You can also present them with a variety of funny end of the year awards like –  the best prankster, the earliest riser or the kid who takes the longest in the bathroom. Make your own certificates on the computer and have a ceremony which includes each kid giving an acceptance speech.

Decorate Your Front Yard or Their Bedroom Door

Children love to feel special, so let’s make them feel super special! Decorate your front yard with streamers and a sign, or let your child have some fun decorating their door. It will be a fun visual reminder that they are out of school for the summer. It will also help break the serious routine inside your household.

End of the School Year Party

Host an end of the school year party. Choose a theme like a beach party, ice cream, red carpet, or disco celebration. Have family members dress up in costumes to match your theme and don’t forget to have plenty of snacks for the kids to enjoy. Along with treats, plan fun activities like dancing, beach ball, red carpet photos, or making homemade ice cream.

End of the School Year Art Project

Commemorate this year with an end of the year art project. Create something that you can keep for years to come. For example, you can make a scrapbook or a book of poems. Another idea is handprint art with paint on a white sheet. Brush paint on all the kids’ hands with a safe fabric paint. Next, have the kids press their hands on the sheets to make a print. Be sure to have the kids use distinct colors for individuality. Lastly, write their names underneath their handprint along with a tribute to the school year. Let it lay flat for drying. You can store it in a wooden drawer as a keepsake.

End of the School Year Balloon Launch

Head to the park or a nearby field for a balloon launch. Launch the balloons all at once after you’ve said goodbye to the school year. Have the kids name what they’ve enjoyed most about the school year. Discuss accomplishments and challenges the kids have overcome. You can also have the kids tie a hope or promise on the balloon for the upcoming school year. After launching the balloons, head back home for a celebratory lunch or dinner.


You and your kids will always remember 2020 and the coronavirus shutdown. Make the end of the school year extra-special by taking the time to reflect and celebrate the success of the school year.