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Weighing the Benefits of Afterschool Programs? Here Are the Top 5 Benefits

benefits of afterschool programs

The average school day in America is 6.7 hours. While a lot of parents think this is plenty, more and more parents are realizing the value of sending their kids to afterschool programs.

Afterschool programs aren’t just for kids who have parents who can’t pick them up at that three o’clock bell. Neither is it just for students who are lagging behind. Afterschool programs can be beneficial to every type of student.

Check out this guide to learn about the top benefits of afterschool programs.

1. Improve Academic Performance

One of the biggest benefits of afterschool programs is that it can help students improve their academic performance.

In fact, research conducted by the Simmons School of Education and Human Development found that students who attended the Boys and Girls Club consistently over a year-long period saw an overall improvement with their grades. This was especially the case for elementary-aged students.

Plus, there are even afterschool programs that focus on specific subject areas that your child needs help with, such as math or language arts.

2. Create a Sense of Belonging

The great thing about afterschool programs is that they’re not run by the school district. This means that when kids join afterschool programs, they can interact with more than just the kids they go to school with every day. Therefore, they won’t have to deal with the same social issues or “cliques” that they normally do during regular school hours.

If, however, the afterschool program happens to be run by the school, you may find that joining a program can help your child connect with kids in their class or grade that they normally don’t spend time with during the school day.

3. Make Learning Fun

Another great thing about afterschool programs is that they provide a low-pressure learning environment for your child.

In afterschool programs, there are no tests or quizzes, which means your child can truly just enjoy the process of learning.

Also, many afterschool programs offer fun, hands-on classes in areas like computers, music, and dance. These creative activities can be especially great for supplementing your child’s learning in school and exposing them to new interests and passions.

4. Provide Supervision and Safety

Studies show that kids are most likely to commit crimes between the hours of three and six pm, as well as drink, use drugs, and become the victims of a crime.

To prevent this from happening to your child, it’s important to keep them productive and busy during these hours.

If you can’t pick them up after school, one of the best things to do for them is to send them to an afterschool program.

These programs will not only ensure that your child is safe during these hours, but they’ll also ensure that your child is learning and having clean, productive fun.

5. Build Confidence

An afterschool program is a great place for your child to build their confidence.

In afterschool programs, the stakes aren’t as high, and they’re not as worried about embarrassing themselves in front of their peers. Therefore, they’ll be more likely to answer questions and participate. And, hopefully, they’ll be able to eventually take this confidence with them into their classroom!

Ask Your School for the Best Afterschool Programs

Schools often have a list of preferred after schools they work with. It’s a good idea to check with them, especially if your child will need pickup at the end of the day. As a company that works with schools, we know they are always looking out for their students’ best interests!