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Looking for quality Online Permission Slips to ensure your school crosses the T’s and dots the I’s? Searching the internet is a great first step, it’s important for your school to have permissions slips for any and all activities that require approval. Your school should be using forms that both look professional and collect the right kind of information. Permission slips work can provide valuable insight into your school but also provide documentation of incidents that occur at your school. It is vitally important the permission slips your school uses are collecting the right information for your school.

Looking for free permission slips to use in your school?

Then check out our Form Gallery to download templates for Field Trip Permission Slip, School Dance Permission Slip, Party / Project Permission Slip, and many more..

Why do schools use permission slips?

There are many kinds of permission slips for schools, each having its own unique use. Many schools use permission slips for school events, class trips, school projects, or even for viewing movies in class. They help schools document approval from parents for each of these activities. They also help hold students accountable for their decisions regarding school. It is always recommended to use permission slips to document approval so that there are no future misunderstandings between the school and families.

How long should schools keep permission slips?

It really depends on whether your school is using paper permission slips or electronic permission slips. Paper based permission slips are more difficult to keep track of, and take up a considerable amount of space. They also are prone to getting lost or requiring parents to receive multiple copies. Electronic permission slips on the other hand can be used by schools as often as needed without taking up considerable amount of space, or being a distraction to teachers and administrators. Electronic permission slips can be used on a platform to collect signatures and automate sending reminders to parents.

How do I find a good platform for using electronic permission slips?

As luck would have it, you already did! Script provides a flexible and secure platform for using electronic permission slips. We can help you digitize permission slips your school already uses or you can use some of the permission slips we have created. Script is easy to use, all you have to do is import the permission slip into our platform, select the information you want to collect, and then send out the permission slip to parents. It’s that easy!

No more pushing paperwork through mailboxes in your school or district. No more keeping track of where Sally’s permission slip went which you know you saw last week. No more having to manually count how many are left to collect. It’s all automatically stored electronically online, signatures and all. Online permission slips are no longer a thing of the past.

The paper permission slips are now electronic permission slips that can collect information for you, and provide amazing insights from the data you collect. You can have 100% insight into whose parents signed their slips and whose haven’t.

Contact us today to learn more about Script or setup a demo to see how we can start saving paper and make your job easier!

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