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2021 Q1 Product Release

Hello ????
As the founders of Script we wanted to take a moment and thank you for being a part of our amazing community of Script users. We know the last year has brought a ton of changes to how we all work and get things done. We wanted to thank you for letting us be a part of the solution and thank you personally for your support and feedback on how to make the Script platform even better.

With that said we are excited to announce that your Script account has been updated with our latest quarterly release. This release has some of our most requested features including Customizable Reporting, Enhanced Search Capabilities, “On Behalf Of” Submissions and an all new Teams module!

You can read our blog post or view some quick highlights below. We encourage you to login to Script and explore some of the new features.
We are proud of all of the work the team has put into this quarter’s release and hope the new features make your work more enjoyable by giving you back some time and by helping you organize your digital world.

Aaron White & Pat Cahill
Script Founders


Gain Control & Stay Organized
Create an online space for your teams and departments to get work done! Monitor your districts progress on important initiatives and everyday business processes.

Organize your Departments
Want to know how the new form or process is performing? Just pull up Script and review it at your convenience. Gain insights you couldn’t with just paper forms!

Track your Projects & Forms
Want to know how the new form or process is performing? Just pull up Script and review it at your convenience. Gain insights you couldn’t with just paper forms!

Identify Bottlenecks
Once your forms and processes are loaded into Script, you can easily identify areas of improvement with your everyday business processes. See what steps are taking longer than expected and allocate resources to improve!


Custom Submission Views

Your Data, Your Way

Create multiple views of your processes’s data using Script’s advanced reporting tools. Create complex queries to quickly find the data you are looking for.

Full Report Customization
You decide what data to display, how it is sorted and what filters apply to each report. Filter on any data point in the submission including statues, users and dates.

Dynamic Time Ranges
With Dynamic time ranges your reports automatically update with the data that is relevant to you without needing to manually update dates.
Saved Views
Once you have your report setup the way you like you can save it as a view so you can always have quick access to it. Share your views with your teammates or keep them private. Pin them to your Toolbar for quick one click access.


New Paper Form Builder

Digitize Paper, Like a Pro

The Paper Form Builder is a professional grade digitization tool. It is packed with features designed for professionals like you. Live preview, live formulas and automatic field locating and placement are just some of the expert tools you have access to. No matter the format of your paperwork Script’s Paper Form Builder is your go to tool to digitize it.

Live Preview
The best tools provide instant feedback on what you are building. With our WYSIWYG paper form builder you get a live preview of how your users will experience your form as you are building it.

Automatic Field Finder
Script automatically scans your paper forms to identify, label and place fields using advanced optical character recognition powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Easily save hours of work when digitizing complex forms.

Flexible Field Types
Paper Forms are better in Script. Enhance forms with formulas, dropdowns, checkboxes, default values, validation and more. We have the tools to fulfill your vision.


“On Behalf Of”

Anyone, Anyplace, Anything

From registrations packets to facilities requests, many times processes are centered around a specific person, place or thing. Configure your workflow to use On Behalf Of fields to capture additional information that can be used for reporting on and locating submissions.

Person, Place or Thing
When the main focus of your process is associated with a person, place or thing other than the initiator of the process “On Behalf Of” captures additional details that are kept with the Submission so that you can quickly locate submissions by who, what or where they are for.

Custom Labels
The labels for the “On Behalf Of” data are fully customizable so you can ensure that your submitters fill them out as intended. Additionally you can request additional data such as a Student ID or Location Code.

Fully Reportable
All “On Behalf Of” data provided for the submission is fully searchable and reportable in Script’s Submission Reporting. This provides you with super powers to find the exact submission you are looking for within a matter of seconds.


New Success Center and Support Options

Hi, How Can We Help?

Access to help is never more than a click away. A full catalog of services to help you get your processes setup and rolled out is built into the Script Dashboard. If you like to build things yourself or if you want a turn key solution ready to launch we have solutions that empower you to work the way you like.

Unlimited Training
Included in your subscription is unlimited live web training for you and your team as you need it. When you are getting started, hire new staff, or just want a refresher, your team can sign up for the training that best fits their schedule and role so they can get up and running with Script!

One on One
Reserve time with a Script expert! Our workflow analysts are here to assist you in a one on one setting with building forms and workflows, creating custom reports or administrating your Script account.

Professional Services
Professional Services provide turnkey solutions for busy people’s problems. We work with you to understand your process and then take care of building your forms and workflows for you, giving you back time to focus on your core mission. Email us to learn more.

Support Center
All Subscriptions include unlimited phone, chat and email support so you can always get the help you need.

For more info check out our downloadable one pager on our new onboarding and support services.