What is school automation?

School automation is likely a term you’ve heard before, but weren’t sure what it meant. Well don’t worry, we are here to help. School automation is a hot topic in education right now, and Script is part of the movement to help schools automate redundant tasks.

Imagine a world where instead of sending paper forms between departments, software routed those documents automatically for you. THAT is school automation. School automation products enable schools to set paper-based processes into a digital platform, and do your job for you.

Let’s use an active example from one of our customers to help explain.

ABC Academy uses a paper-based salary change request form that helps them document when a school employee receives a raise (or salary adjustment). This document would be completed by the employee’s supervisor, signed by the employee, and then signed by some other stakeholders within the school (COO, Head of HR, etc). The document would be passed from mailbox to mailbox within the school or district until everyone has completed their portion. If some information was improperly filled out in the form, then it would have to start all over again – much to everyone’s displeasure.

How would this be different with a school automation product?

With a school automation product, such as Script, this inefficient paper-based process could be fixed. Errors or resubmissions could be fixed by using structured data that has been preselected by the school or district. The forms are also able to be access controlled so that no one else but the appropriate school staff could access them.

So let’s see what setting up this process would look like on a school automation product like Script. The paper form would be imported into Script, and setup to route to the appropriate people within the school or district.

Instead of handwriting information into the form, it is possible to insert drop down fields, data validation, or information only populated by specific stakeholders within your school. This guarantees process compliance and removes errors from your system.

Next Steps…

Are you interested in learning more about implementing a school automation product in your school? Let’s setup a time to chat and see how Script can help your school become more efficient!